Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Weekend Down Memory Lane

Today, this post will be a bit of a hodgepodge of things about my weekend like I used to write. I haven’t done this in a while. My weekend has been rather meandering, so this post will be too (smile).

Well, they forecasted snow for most of the country today, but we just missed it. They showed some really pretty photos on the news earlier of the places that did get snow. So today we are snowless, but it’s cold.

To rewind a bit, on Friday, I got the chance to go all nostalgic. There was a show on TV that night, about hit makers from 1983. First of all, it was a trip to realize how long ago that year actually was. (smile) This show really took me back to being a teen and my love for some of the British acts of the day. There were a lot of British acts doing well in the States in the 80s, so Brit Boy and I have that shared bit of musical history even though we grew up 4,000 miles apart. They highlighted a lot of acts, but a few of my favorites from the show were Spandau Ballet who sang “True”, which is just simply a classic and instantly takes me back to being a teen in the 80s. Years later, this song was sampled by PM Dawn for their song "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" and Tony Hadley, the lead singer from Spandau appeared with them in the video. On the show the other night, Tony Hadley performed the song on his own. I found out a while back that one of the other guys in the group, Gary Kemp, wrote the song. He was featured on this other show where they had songwriters tell stories of how they came up with past hits. He wrote a great song in my humble opinion. (smile) Here's a taste of "True" for your listening pleasure. This video is a bit out of synch, and I couldn't find a better one, but the music is still great. Check out the 80s clothes...fabulous! (smile)

And here's PM Dawn's song with Tony Hadley near the end of the video...this takes me back to the 90s....loved the 90s too! (smile)

My other favorite from the show was the reuniting of Kajagoogoo who had the hit "Too Shy". This was a smooth song too. The opening fade in of this song is so smooth and the bass is just hot. Love it! I guess you can tell I love my 80s. (wink) I loved being a teen back then. The lead singer Limahl had interesting hair back then and he still has cool hair now(smile). The band hadn't played for over two decades together on TV here so it was great to see them all.

Here's a clip of "Too Shy".

Both Limahl and Tony Hadley look pretty much the same and they both still sound great.

On Saturday, we went into town and I mailed my ballot for the Senatorial run-off in Georgia. When my county back home sent my main ballot, they also sent me one to use in case of a run-off. So I filled that out and got it mailed off. We also got some Christmas shopping done. A lot of the stores were having big sales so we jumped on that and got a few gifts.

Later, we were sitting around watching TV and discussing where were we going to go around Christmastime. Last year, we went to Salisbury Cathedral for their Christmas Carol Service and that was wonderful. It really highlighted the Christmas spirit. The choir sang a cappella and their voices rang out around the sanctuary. It was a beautifully unique experience. This cathedral is just gorgeous. Here’s a photo.

We are trying to see if they have anything at Bath Abbey, but so far we haven’t found that they do something similar, so we might end up going back to Salisbury. Bath Abbey and indeed the whole city of Bath are just absolute jewels. This city is one of the most beautiful places in the world to me and it's where Brit Boy went to university. Here’s a photo of the Abbey.

Today, I am still in that old school music mood from Friday, so I have been playing some music from back in the day while I flip through my recipes for Thanksgiving. Gotta get those sweet potato pies done in the next day or so (smile) So I went down a musical memory lane and have been listening to The Jones Girls...I've always loved this song. My older sister used to play this song a lot.

I've also been listening to Evelyn Champagne King, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Shalamar, and Hall & Oates, and a lot of other stuff from before I was born to my childhood, to my teen years and onward. It was a good ride (smile)

It’s been a good meandering weekend. Now onward to Thanksgiving…my FAVORITE Holiday! Trevor has decided that he is gonna camp out on the table all week so he won’t lose his place for dinner on Thursday. He loves his food.


Mike Golch said...

Dori,I really enjoyed the videos.

Anonymous said...

I'd try to get to Salisbury if I was you: its renowned for its choir, its televised, or was, I've never actually been but I have definitly seen the choir on TV. Ive not been in the UK at Xmas - but even at other times the sung evensong is quite magical in a beautiful old church: and Im not even Christian - its just the music!

Dori said...

I'm glad you liked those. It was one of those musical weekends :) I wanted to tell you that I love your music selections on your blog too. We like some of the same stuff.

Travel over 30s,
Yeah, we will probably go to Salisbury. As I mentioned, we went last year and it was great. We just hope that the weather holds because last year we had to come home in terrible fog and we could hardly see. And the year before we didn't go because there was terrible fog before we even headed out. But with all being well though, we will go to Salisbury. I'm glad that you've had a chance to experience it. It is great :) Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I loved walking down memory lane with you. Isn't it amazing how music can transport you back in time and you can experience the same feelings that a particular song or melody gave you. Kinda eerie sometimes, I think. Yet, beautiful at the same time. Makes me feel ALIVE!

BTW, I can't blame your husband for camping out at the table. I wouldn't want to miss out on any of those baked goods either. I can smell that sweet potato pie already. LOL

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband! :-)

The Author said...

What a wonderful post and I enjoyed meandering down memory lane with you this weekend.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Ivanhoe said...

Oh the eighties! My fave music :o) I loved Limahl and Falco. My total favorite remained Duran Duran though ;o) Went to their concert AGAIN about three years ago. Simon still rocks!

Dori said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the walk :) Yes music is a powerful force and it does hit you deeper than we all realize. It's like I'm fifteen or something all over again when I go back like that. You're does make us feel alive! And yeah, Brit Boy and our robot Trevor are fighting it out at the table already. LOL. I'm heading to the store today to get my ingredients. I love Thanksgiving. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband too! :-)

Mountain Woman,
I'm glad you enjoyed coming along with me too :) I felt that such a good mood should be shared. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too! :)

Dori said...

Ohhh...we are on the same page with the 80s. LOL. It is mostly what I listen to, especially when I want to get my spirits up. I loved Limahl and Falco too. And I knew we were kindred spirits...I love Duran Duran. I've seen them a few times now and they are always great. As you said, Simon still rocks! The best day was when I found out that they were getting back together after all of those years :-)

Unknown said...

If you go to Salisbury, we might bump into each other. Not that we'd know, but nice to think that bloggers actually get close to actually touch, rather than just virtually.

Hey Shae! said...

I love the music, great trip down memory lane! I miss the late 80s early 90s. :(

The Fitness Diva said...

OMG, Shalimar! Used to love them, and had a wicked thing going for Howard Hewitt, the male lead singer! ;)

Great nostalgic post. I just ran into a bit of nostalgia of my own, and might post about it.

Great read! ;)

Martin MY said...

I went to the same school as Tony Hadley in Islington although I was two year up on him, so thanks for the little reunion there. Good songs always stand the test of time.

Dori said...

Yeah, that would be cool. I hope that we get to go. It is a wonderful experience :)

I'm glad you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. The late 80s and early 90s were great for music...I miss it too. I guess it calls for more trips down memory lane :)

Fitness Diva,
Yesss, I LOVED Shalamar!! I loved Howard Hewitt too. One of my pin-ups from back then. I'm glad you enjoyed the nostalgia. I may have to go there again...this one was fun :)

Now that is so cool that you went to the same school as Tony! :-) You're right...great songs do stand the test of time.