Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fiat by Gucci


I’ve been offered the opportunity to present a new collaboration to you, my wonderful readers. Two iconic brands have come together to produce a great new car...the Fiat 500byGucci !

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and Gucci’s 90th anniversary, the Fiat 500 has been re-imagined as the 500byGucci. This special edition of the iconic Fiat 500 has been customized by Gucci in partnership with Fiat’s Centro Stile and brings together two of Italy’s truly respected brands.

This collaboration is a great achievement of true Italian style. It is the perfect marriage between style and craftsmanship. It is a sleek, contemporary car which comes in either a black or a white glossy finish, which is accented by the signature red-green stripe along the exterior. The red-green striping continues to the interior where it gives a stylish flair to the seats and seatbelts. Very cool!


Please visit and register to be kept in the know about this fabulous car! The Fiat 500byGucci will be available in the UK this summer. So if you’re in the UK, go by the website and check it out.

Now that I’ve told you a bit about it, I’ll give you my thoughts. I love that this is a case of style meeting superior craftsmanship and that it comes together to create a car that I’d love to drive. Gucci is a well-known iconic brand and I love that they are bringing a fashionable aesthetic to this adorable car. If I could drive this car anywhere, I’d want to drive it along the Pacific Coast Highway in California. I’d truly enjoy seeing that amazing coastline. It would be a pleasure to experience it in this nifty car. I think that this collaboration gives customers the best of both married to the excellence of a great automobile.


Fiat 500 by Gucci

Italian car

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Headed to Wimbledon Again

Hello there! I just wanted to drop in with a quick post today, as I take a break from packing. Brit Boy and I are headed into London tomorrow for a few days. We're going to Wimbledon on Monday. Here's my post from three years ago, when we went for the first time. We were surprised that we got tickets this year. They do a drawing for tickets so we never know if we'll get tickets or not. So we're really pleased to be attending again :-)

The weather has been a bit dodgy lately, so I'm hoping that the weather will be kind to us. No matter will be fun to go again. I'll definitely blog about it all when I get back and also I have a couple of foodie posts to share too. So watch this space! Have a great weekend! :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yellow Roses at the Yellow House

Hello everybody! I'm a bit behind with my blogging again, but things have been crazy around here lately. I won't bore you with the details, but I'll just mention one thing of many...maintenance issues...LOL. There's a history of this issue around the Yellow House and our landlord is slow about fixing things...but anyway onward and upward :) All is well for now...

So I've gotten behind on posting here and I have some things that I've wanted to blog about from cooking to upcoming trips. Therefore, I'll do my best to get caught up over the next several days with a good old-fashioned blogging/purging exercise! Some of what I post may be garbage and some may be more interesting, but I just love to share no matter here goes ;-)

In my last post I shared some pics that I took of our backyard and I really liked how those turned out. Well...just as I will do with my cooking posts in the future sometimes, I will share the good and not so good. lol. In a future post I'm going to share my kitchen shenanigans with melting chocolate and it coming out smelling a bit smoky...LOL. I saved it in the end though and made a tasty chocolate cake. Anyway, back to my current post of my mishaps. lol. This mishap isn't of the cooking variety, it's a photo mishap that isn't terrible, but isn't fantastic either. However I'm really embracing the whole releasing perfection a lot these days, so this is good for me. I don't know...I have this thing about admiring my bad photos. As I've said before, I'm easily amused and honoring imperfection is so fun :-)

So here are a couple of photos that I took a few days ago of the yellow roses in our front yard...yellow roses at the Yellow House ;-) I love yellow roses and I love taking photos through the frame of this window. It has a cottage feeling to the view, so I like to fool around with capturing the world framed through that window. I'm rambling. LOL. One day I may share several of my photos through that window in color and black and white. Okay, anyway, this one is a bit fuzzy, but I like that it's kinda dark. I'm no pro, but I love fooling around with my camera.

This other one is less fuzzy and you can see the roses better.

Well, that's my share for's sort of like the show and tell that we used to do when I was in elementary school many moons ago :-) I hope you've enjoyed a peek at my photos and now that things are quieting down a bit I'll be posting more. We have another trip to London coming up in a couple of weeks and I'll give you a hint...people will be wearing white and carrying tennis rackets. It won't be me though...because I'd pass out from exhaustion. LOL.

Until next time...have a great day!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Our Backyard at the Yellow House

It's a beautiful Friday here. The sun is shining and the sky is so blue. We haven't had days like this a lot lately, so I relish them when they come.

Today in honor of beauty, I just wanted to share some photos that I took a couple of days ago. We have some pretty flowers in our backyard and I took out my camera and snapped a few pics. I hope you enjoy checking out a bit of the backyard at the Yellow House. And I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend! :-)