Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Choi Time Tea Review

Through blogging, I’ve had the pleasure to try different things and then share my thoughts with you here. I was very pleased when the Choi Time tea company sent me some of their superior Chinese teas to try. These teas have been called “the Dom Perignon of the tea world” by the Sunday Times Style Magazine. They definitely are elegant teas and are unlike any that I’ve ever tasted before.

The Choi Time tea company is a family run business and they pride themselves on producing quality teas. Their tea is ethically sourced from the rich tea growing provinces of Hangzhou and Fujian in China. They have won several accolades at the Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food.

When the package arrived I was excited to try something totally new to me. I love tea...mostly regular herbal and green teas. And hey, I’m from the southern United States, so you know I love iced tea for sure ;-) But if I’m drinking hot teas, the herbals are my favorite. However, I’m always open to trying new things and especially new exotic tastes from other places in the world.

I was sent four varieties to try: Thousand Year Red, Damask Rose, Exotic Mixed Flowers, and Jasmine Pearls. The Thousand Year Red is hand-rolled and is said to aid digestion. Red is considered the luckiest color in China so I made sure that I drank every drop ;-) The Damask Rose is a loose herbal tea that comes in the form of miniature rose buds. It is very light and fragrant and it may help in the relief of anxiety according to their literature. The Exotic Mixed Flowers tea is made of white needle green tea that has been scented with jasmine blossoms and then woven with an exotic flower. And finally, the Jasmine Pearls tea is a very cleansing tea that has anti-oxidant properties. It is said to aid digestion and strengthen the immune system according to the Choi Time tea company. I can’t vouch for the health claims, but it’s interesting to have this background information. The Jasmine Pearls variety has won three gold stars at the Great Taste Awards in both 2007 and 2008.

As for my take on these teas, I’d say that they were all interesting to try. I do actually prefer the Damask Rose and the Thousand Year Red the most. Both of these varieties were light and very clean tasting without any bad aftertaste. The other two were fine, and didn’t have bad aftertastes either, but I guess that they just didn’t suit my palate. I didn't find them to be as light as the other two. But that’s the beauty of having several varieties...there’s usually something for everyone.

One cool thing about these teas is that they are hand-woven into little bulbs and then slowly unfurl and blossom right in your teacup. They put on quite the elegant show! One other great thing about these teas is that the bulbs are good for quite a few additional servings. So they last a while.

Choi Time teas can be purchased in a variety of ways, including: premium glass canisters, traditional Chinese tea caddies, packet bags, and single serve pouches.

Choi Time has graciously offered a 10% discount to all of you so that you can give the tea a try. All that you have to do is enter the code yellowhouse to use this offer. I hope you enjoy giving it a try! :-)

*Note: I received this tea free of charge and was given no financial reward for writing this review. The opinion given here is my own.


lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

I would love to try some.

Lisa xx

Duni said...

Hi Dori,

those are interesting teas. I've never tasted them before...the Damask Rose sounds (and must have tasted) divine!

Anonymous said...

I love the label on the glass jar, anyone have any idea who designed it?

Dori said...

Lesapea Musings,
It was really tasty. I wish that I could send you some :)

Yes, the rose was my favorite. They were very interesting. It was like watching a science experiment as they opened :)

You're so right...they are beautiful to look at. I guess maybe they have someone in-house or some other incredibly creative person who designed them. I'd love to know too :) Thanks for visiting me!