Monday, February 20, 2012

Treats and More Treats

Hello again! I wanted to complete my Askeys/Silver Spoon products posts today and to share what I made. You can read my first post about the other products here. Instead of doing two more posts, I’ve decided to put the remainder of the products into this one post since they were all used together. As I mentioned last time, the people at Silver Spoon, the makers of the Askeys products, sent me some different items to try out.

I received the above items and I put them all to use to make some ice cream sundaes for us. I had fun with this because I can’t remember the last time I had an ice cream sundae. Brit Boy and I had fun building the sundaes together.

We got very whimsical with this one and I call it ‘The Windmill’ ;-) It was built using a base of vanilla ice cream and then we drizzled the Askeys Butterscotch dessert sauce onto it. Next, we sprinkled the sundae with some of the Silver Spoon Create Duo Chocolate Hearts. Lastly, we accented the sundae with two Askeys Ice Cream Wafers and voila...we have our windmill. This sundae was beautifully understated and tasted delicious! The chocolate hearts were a tasty dark chocolate and the butterscotch sauce had a nice toffee flavor to it. Our decorative windmill blades were light and tasty too...they were fun to dunk into the sundae.

The other sundae had the same vanilla ice cream base and sported the chocolate hearts once more, but this time, we tried it without the butterscotch sauce. And we finished it off this time with some Askeys Cafe Curls. The cafe curls are rolled wafers that resemble straws and they have delicious chocolate lining inside of the wafers. This was a delicious sundae too and the cafe curls were an excellent addition. Afterwards I found myself eating a couple of the cafe curls just by themselves...they’re that good! The curls are also good with a cup of hot chocolate too. I will definitely be purchasing more of these.

And last but not least, the people at Silver Spoon sent me some Silver Spoon Cakecraft Milk Chocolate Chips. I meant to sprinkle some of these on the sundaes, but alas, I forgot them in all of the ice cream sundae excitement. So I did the only honorable thing that I could do as I sat there revelling in the afterglow of a yummy dessert...I ate a few right out of the pack...for research purposes only ;-) And take it from me, they’re tasty too! I plan on making something with them soon and refraining from eating them right out of the package. Lol.

So I have to say, I’ve enjoyed all of the products that the good folks at Silver Spoon sent to me. I don’t bake every day and I don’t have sundaes every day, but whenever I have a treat from time to time, I’ll know where to go for some great products!

Disclosure: I was sent these products by The Silver Spoon Company and received no money for this post. All views on these products are my own as always :-)


Ivanhoe said...

I just started on low calory diet yesterday. Your post is not making it easy on me. Yummy!

Dori said...

Sorry ;-) I know what you mean...I'm cutting back myself now too. It was yummy though :-)

Malen said...

ow, looks so yummy. i hope it's available in the grocery stores of Manila. i'll try to find one.. :-)

BLOGZOOM said...

Dear Dori,

Now here is so so so hot! I see the ice cream sundae and i think it is so good!

Hugs :-)

Unknown said...

Looks Yummy :D

Dori said...

So glad you like it! I hope that you can find some of these products in Manila too. Thanks for visiting :)

I hope that it cools off for you soon :) Hugs!

It was really tasty! Thanks for stopping by! :)