Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Spring

I've been in a springy state of mind lately, so now that the big day has arrived I hope for warmer days ahead :-) Come on in Spring and stay a while!

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Happy Spring!


A said...

happy Spring Dori :-)lawfure

A said...

sorry... "lawfure" was the capcha, typed it in the wrong place :-D

BLOGZOOM said...

Happy Spring!

Dear friend,
I 'm here to congratulate you (and all) because today is the Blogger's Day! And with that I had the opportunity to meet you.
All the best! I wish success with your beautiful work.


Ivanhoe said...

Happy spring, Dori! May yours be long and warm :)

Dori said...

Happy Spring to you too! :)

Happy Spring! And belated Happy Bloggers Day! You are so sweet. It has been a joy to meet you too my friend and I wish you all the best. Your sites are poetry and humanity all wrapped up in one! Hugs :)

Happy Spring and I hope that you have a wonderful and warm spring too! :)

Malen T. Leon said...

I super love spring!

Dori said...

Me too! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Spring! :)

Harshita said...

Great blog! Enjoy reading it! I also bookmark this site for visiting and updating regularly! thank for sharing with us!

Dori said...

Thanks for visiting!