Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lovely Things from Frogpearl

I’ve been given the opportunity to introduce a new Swedish online jewelry company called Frogpearl. They specialize in ethically sourced pearls and they are committed to sustainability. They’ve just unveiled their Summer 2012 Collection called Blue Summer, which will be available from May 1st, 2012 and is a limited edition collection. Frogpearl is a beautiful line of jewelry that is handcrafted in AA-certified pearls, which is the second highest classification in the pearl industry. I just love that they are offering beauty and are responsible in how they create their jewelry.

Above: Blue Summer

Frogpearl’s Blue Summer Collection is offered in light coral blue, which has been colored with lead-free dyes. All of the pearls have been polished with corn – instead of chemicals.

Here are three interesting bits of information about pearls:

#1 – Pearls are organic gems that are created by nature, with no chemical interference.

#2 – Since all of the parts of the oysters can be harvested, nothing has to go to waste (I love that!). Here’s some more good news…secondary products, such as dried oyster meat can be made after the pearls are removed. Also, crushed shells can be used for landscaping products!

#3 – Pearl farmers, such as Frogpearl’s, use environmentally friendly methods to cultivate pearls, which stand in stark contrast to the destructive blasting and mining used to extract diamonds and stone materials.

Frogpearl’s operations are made up of three pillars; ethical production, high quality pearls, and e-commerce. They aim to present a contemporary take on the classic pearl necklace. This has led them to use irregular pearls and to create long necklaces as opposed to the traditional princess length, which was popularized in the 1950’s.

In addition to the Summer 2012 Blue Summer Collection, Frogpearl also offers a variety of other pieces, such as:

The Berry Pearl (below)

The Coin Pearl (below)

The Rice Pearl (below)

The Baroque Pearl (below)

Each piece of jewelry is decorated with their frog logo tag and is made of nickel free sterling silver. All jewelry is wrapped and delivered in Frogpearl’s signature pink box, which is made of recycled paper.

The earrings retail at £28-38 (about $45-$59 US) and the necklaces at £160 (about $250 US).

I know that some of us are limited to window shopping during this current economic climate, but it’s still nice to take a look at what’s out there, even if it’s online window shopping :-) I love pearls and I have a couple of my mother’s necklaces that I truly cherish so I always have good thoughts when I see pearls. And if you are looking for some beautiful pearl jewelry, well Frogpearl seems to be the place! So check them out here!

Disclaimer: I have not received any payment, products, or any compensation for this post. I was simply sent this info and thought that I would share it here :-)

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