Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Create a Cozy Living Room

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The living room is a popular place for hosting guests, and it’s the place where family members gather together after long working days. If you are looking for ideas for making your living room warmer and more comfortable during this winter and for upcoming holidays, the following tips will help you get started.
1.   Top Tips to Create a Cozy Living Room

As winter is coming, having a cozy living room is more important than ever. Planning the layout of your room is a great way to create a cozy one. You should arrange seating intentionally so that it can actually be used. Chairs, sofas, and tables should be close enough to each other to be functional. That way, you can chat with family and friends without yelling. Moreover, flexible spaces are best with ample seating in a room. You can place side tables to serve drinks as well as make the room useful for both entertaining and watching TV.

Furniture arrangement and choosing is another critical thing to work on. First of all, determine a focal point, which may be the fireplace in the winter. Then you can arrange other items around this point. To warm up your room, you can choose fabrics and textures such as long drapery panels, an area rug, and velvet pillows. They will add softness and insulation as well as layers of comfort to your living room. You can pick yours wisely with coupons like a  coupon here .

In addition, colors and lighting can give your living room a cozy feel. Warm and dark colors bring coziness. Among warm colors like yellow (golden), brown-red (terracotta), scarlet and more, brown is the best choice, and can be found in walnut, cherry and oak. Also, let your lighting scheme convey the message of coziness. Decorative lamps, spotlights, and candles can light up your room softly and invitingly. You can choose from many lighting options easily when using coupons, for example  here .

2.    Decorating Ideas for Christmas
The living room is often a familiar place for your friends and loved ones to get together around Christmas time. Presents are usually opened here on Christmas mornings. Placing twinkling lights around your Christmas tree during that occasion can bring a great feeling of nostalgia. Moreover, you can have intimate talk with your friends or someone special when decorating your room with candles and votive lamps.

Your Christmas tree is the central point in your living room in winter. There you can display personal and meaningful items such as art work of your kids. Also, strings of old Christmas cards together with beautiful and sentimental ornaments can warm up your room. Pictures of your family can be arranged on tables or hung on walls. They will rekindle lasting memories of your beloved ones. A warm and colorful living room will enrich your family’s Christmas history.

The cozier the living room you create, the more you and your family will appreciate it. I hope that you will have the coziest room of the house to enjoy your leisure time comfortably with your loved ones. For more advice on decorating other parts of the house, read the article  Home Decorating Ideas for Winter 2012 .




Holland Hippie said...

My apartment needs a complete overhaul since it's so "bachelor pad", so I'm also looking for design ideas.

Petula said...

Very good post. Since I moved into this apartment - without the space of the house I had - I've looked for ways to decorate and make this place cozy. I'm awarded by my children, particularly my 9-year-old son, who have mentioned that it feels cozy. And that of visitors when I first moved in.

Dori said...

Holland Hippie,
I know what you mean. Our place needs a bit of an overhaul too. I think that I'll try some new things in the spring. Thanks so much for visiting! :)

So glad you enjoyed it! That's so cool that your 9-year-old feels coziness now :) We live in a small place too, so I know what a challenge it can be to get creative in a small space. I applaud you on making such a nice home for you and your family :)