Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hiring a Venue for Every Occasion

Spring has finally arrived, even though the weather may not be exactly spring-like in some places yet. However, I'm an optimist and I'm just letting myself imagine the warmer days ahead. Spring brings our wedding anniversary to my mind too. Hubby and I will have been married seven years in April.
The other day, we were out doing some errands and passed by the hotel/country club where we had our reception after our wedding years ago. They had a sign out front that was advertising a wedding fayre which is where you can find vendors for your wedding day. Instantly it took me back to the planning of our wedding and one of the main things that we had to sort out was the reception venue. I remember researching all over the internet for suitable places. We were always planning to have our reception in the area, but I let myself dream and see what else was out there too. I found myself looking at places all over the country and even looked for places for venue hire in London.

There were so many elegant and beautiful places to hire out for weddings or any event. It made me realize what a wealth of venues there are in London and all around the country. England has a wealth of gorgeous historical buildings and lovely hotels, so it's hard to pick just one place. And for all of you Downton Abbey fans out there, I think that I've read somewhere that they rent out Highclere Castle(where they film the show) for weddings and other events. So there are many locations to choose from for any event.

As wedding season starts up again in a month or so, a lot of brides will be doing what I did...looking at places and dreaming a little :-) After the cold winter, it will be nice to think of beautiful weddings and hopefully some warm sunny days!

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Ana Isabel Navarro said...

Hello Dori! I have known you through the blog "El Trolley de Nieves".
I also remember when my husband and me looked for a nice play to celebrate our wedding in Seville (Spain).
We thought the most important was to share those moments so emotive whit our families and friends, although the local wasn´t so special. At the end we get a wonderful place to enjoy with them.
See you soon!
I also hope spring come soon.

Dori said...

Thank you so much for visiting me and for commenting!:) I know that you must have had a beautiful time with your friends and family!