Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shipping Your Car Very Far

Becoming an expat can be a wonderful and enlightening experience, but there are also some more mundane practicalities to consider too. There is an avalanche of paperwork to fill out, many long hours to spend in various government buildings and then there is the tricky problem of what to do with your "stuff".

Some things are obviously easy to take along with you, such as clothes, books, etc., but other items are more tricky. You have to make the decision of whether to put them in storage, sell them on or find a way of transporting them to your new home.  Take your car as an example. Obviously there isn't really an option to place it in storage, so you either have to sell it on to somebody and then go to the expense and hassle of buying a new vehicle in a new country, or you can arrange to get it shipped over instead.
Photo courtesy of Auto Shippers
Auto Shippers international car shipping are one company that handles just such a situation. They operate from the UK, and ship to over 6400 destinations worldwide. They will handle the required customs clearance formalities and  your vehicle is insured for the length of the journey. You are provided with a Move Manager who will arrange for the collection of your vehicle, through to the loading, shipping and dealing with all the customs red tape. I'm all for anything that takes the weight off of my shoulders!
Photo courtesy of Auto Shippers
So, if you are about to join me in this expat experience, and can't bear to part with your trusty jalopy, then drop by their website and get a quote. It may be one less thing you have to worry about as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
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Dee said...

I'm thinking of how expensive shipping and handling is for small packages that I've ordered through the mail, so I can't imagine how much it costs to ship a car...LoL. Happy Mother's Day!

BLOGZOOM said...


Yesterday I heard on the news that the Government will facilitate the entry of foreign-skilled labor to work in Brazil by reducing the amount of required documents.


Dori said...

I wondered the same thing myself. Lol. Thanks for visiting me! :)

Very interesting. Hugs to you :)