Monday, February 10, 2014

Introducing Labyrinthus XXI

Hello there :)

Today I would like to share a post that has appeared on my new collaborative blog that I'm writing with my friend Val. The blog is called Labyrinthus XXI and we've been working on it for a few weeks now and we are finally getting into a groove. So I thought that now is the time to introduce it to you here and I hope that you will visit us there!

The idea behind the name of the blog is as follows. Labyrinthus is 'labyrinth' in Latin and XXI is the Roman numeral for 21. Therefore, our site celebrates the journey through the labyrinth of life in the 21st Century. We cover a variety of topics and as we grow we will provide more facets of everyday life.

Here is a recent post that appeared on the blog and I hope you enjoy it!

Food: Tex-Mex Food (from Labyrinthus XXI)
Recently I celebrated my birthday and I went out to dinner on that evening and it was a glorious time! There's nothing like breaking bread with those you love and it's especially wonderful when it's in celebration of something that is happening in your life.
I love going out to dinner on occasion and on my birthday we went to one of my favorite places to eat. It's a place called Chiquito which specializes in Tex-Mex food which is a hybrid of American and Mexican tastes. I'm a big fan of this type of food, so when I discovered this restaurant it was like getting a taste of back home. So when I was asked where I wanted to go for my birthday there was no question of where I wanted to go :-)
It was so very hard to decide what I wanted to eat because EVERYTHING looked amazing on the menu! The smells coming from the kitchen were out of this world and it just made the decision even harder. They have an opening to the kitchen where they pass out the dishes to the waiters and all of that delicious aroma just wafts out into the dining area. I'm sure this is by design. It's a great idea because it gives you a full sensory experience.
I finally decided on having the nachos as a starter. Here's a pic.

The nachos were slightly toasted and were served with dollops of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole with a sprinkling of cheese. It was perfect!

For my main course I had the barbecue chicken fajitas. They were delicious too! The strips of barbecue chicken are brought to the table resting on a bed of onions and peppers and it's served on a griddle pan which is piping hot and still smoking when it gets to the table. Then you are served tortillas and toppings to add as you build your own fajitas.

Here's a pic of the barbecue chicken when it's served on the griddle pan.

This was the best dinner that I've had in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole experience made a wonderful birthday even better. I can't wait to go there again, but in the meantime I might try to make my own version of the fajitas. If I do give it a go, I'll share my result here in one of my future food/recipe posts.
Do you like to replicate restaurant foods at home? What have you made and what was the result? Please share your experiences in the comment section. We'd love to hear from you!  


BLOGZOOM said...


That looks really yummy. Opened a new Mexican restaurant near my house, it's always packed, I'm curious to try.


Dori said...


I hope you get to visit soon! I love Mexican food :) Hugs!