Monday, March 24, 2014

Sprucing Up The Bathroom

Recently, I decided that I wanted to update our bathroom and give it a makeover of sorts. I thought that a good place to start was to replace the taps on the sink and the bath taps in the tub. We had one hot and one cold tap which didn't mix together so it was hard to control the temperature of the water in the sink. I ended up burning myself several times before I got used to it. Back home I was used to what is called a mixer tap where you can mix the hot and cold water into one stream and make the water roughly the temperature that you want.

I was never crazy about our non-mixing tap, but we put up with it for a time. We decided to replace the separate taps in the sink and it's been such a simple but wonderful change. Isn't it funny how a simple change like this can make things overall seem renewed? It's really nice to have brand new taps in both the sink and the bathtub.

It was fun to get the chance to choose the taps that we actually liked which reflected our style and preferences. It was great to get the chance to go for something a bit more contemporary also, which spruced up the bathroom a lot.

Your home is a direct expression of what you like, so when we choose what we like, it makes our homes more enjoyable. Choosing brand new taps for our bathroom was a fun way to brighten things up. Each time I wash my hands now, I never forget how I used to burn my hands on occasion which makes the new tap selection even more appreciated. It's all about those simple pleasures in life.

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