Thursday, February 12, 2015

Food Spotlight: Dorset Cereals

I am a person who loves cereal and I've been a fan for most of my life. I remember fondly sitting in front of Saturday morning cartoons when I was a child, with a bowl of cereal of some kind being my companion. Back then I enjoyed a few varieties but didn't veer far off of my faves.  As I've grown up, I've continued to eat some that I used to like when I can find them, but I've also developed a taste for a wider variety of cereals. 

On a recent trip to the supermarket, as I was walking along the cereal aisle something different caught my eye. I was looking to try something new and I found it. That discovery was Dorset Cereals. They've been around for a while, but I had never tried their product. I was excited! My first purchase was the Simply Delicious Muesli and from the first spoonful I loved it. It's a blend of rolled and toasted flakes with dried fruit, brazil nuts, roasted hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. It was just what I was looking for. Once I finished my original box I purchased another. Now I have a new cereal to add to my faves list!

Photo courtesy of Dorset Cereals

Recently, the good people at Dorset Cereals sent a few more varieties for me to try and I must say, I like them all. Here are the ones that I received:

Clockwise from upper left: Simply Nut Granola, Simply Oat Granola, Tasty Toasted Raspberry & Apple Muesli

All three cereals are delicious. 

Photo courtesy of Dorset Cereals

The Simply Nut Granola has gently baked oats with almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, and a hint of golden syrup. I loved the well-rounded taste with the various nuts, especially the cashews and that bit of sweetness from the syrup just pulls it all together beautifully. 

Photo courtesy of Dorset Cereals

The Simply Oat Granola is a delicious mix of oats & sunflower seeds, that is gently baked for a wonderful taste to come through. It's substantial, but not heavy in any way, so you feel as if you've had breakfast but you don't feel overly stuffed. It's a really satisfying start to the day. Through all of this I've realized that I really like granola!

Photo courtesy of Dorset Cereals

The Tasty Toasted Raspberry & Apple Muesli is scrumptious. This is a new variety and I like it a lot. It's a blend of toasted flakes, lightly mixed with dried apple, raspberries and sweetened dried cranberries. I love the fruit mixture as it wonderfully compliments the flakes for a fresh-tasting morning treat. 

So my love for cereals continues to grow. It's gone from eating various kiddie cereals when I was a kid to discovering the wonderfully textured tastes of mueslis and granolas. My love for cereal covers lots of ground now and there are tastes for my every mood. On the days when I feel nostalgic, I'll go to my faves from childhood and other days when I'm wanting something more, I'll go for muesli or granola. A variety of choices...what's not to love!

*Disclosure: Samples were sent to me for review. All opinions are mine.

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