Friday, February 13, 2015

Product Spotlight: Insure My Handbag

I'm often out and about going here and there in my daily life as most of us are these days. Sometimes I'm in London or simply on the High Street in the market town where I live. Whenever I am, I always have my handbag with me as my constant companion. As many women will attest, one's handbag can seem like the place where we virtually carry our lives around with us. Many of us carry our mobile phones and other gadgets along with our wallets and other bits and pieces. I know that if I lost my handbag when I was out and about, I'd be devastated.

Recently, I've been excited to find out about . They protect your phone, handbag, and everything inside it, all for less than most phone-only policies with prices starting at £3.99. They cover theft, loss, and accidental damage and the excess is cheaper than the banks at £25. There is also cover for designer handbags up to £1500, so customers can feel better about carry around their prized handbags and have peace of mind.

I think that the coverage that InsureMyHandbag offers is exceptional because other companies may only cover your phone or gadgets, but with InsureMyHandbag the policy covers all possessions that are carried around daily. This is a great deal and it gives that extra bit of security that we all would like to have. There are also savings in switching to InsureMyHandbag which makes it even better. In life we can't plan for every eventuality, but it's nice to have some extra protection for our possessions as we go about our daily lives.

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