Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Film Spotlight: Revolution: New Art for a New World

On November 10th, there is a wonderful film being released called Revolution: New Art for a New World, from director Margy Kinmonth. This is an incredible documentary that shines a light upon a very significant period in the history of Russia and the Russian Avant-Garde.

Director: Margy Kinmonth

This is a visually stunning film which draws upon various sources, such as major Russian institutions, artists, curators, and performers. An even deeper examination is conducted also, as the film includes interviews with descendants of those involved in the Russian Avant-Garde. The contributions from all of the sources, both historical and personal, brings the fullness of this story forward for audiences to enjoy. I found the inclusion of the personal testimonies from the descendants of these great artists to be very engaging and poignant. I could feel the pride that they felt and how important this artistic revolution is to Russia and indeed to the art world on a global scale.

 Kustodiev. Demonstration at Uritsky
Image courtesy of Arts Alliance/Foxtrot Films

Revolution: New Art for a New World tells the stories of artists such as Malevich, Kandinsky, and Chagall who were pioneers that used their creativity to bring new art for a new world. It was a tumultuous time and yet a thrilling time because of the strong expression of their creative visions.

Supremus by Kazimir Malevich
Image courtesy of Arts Alliance/Foxtrot Films

The Arts Alliance will be presenting this engrossing film in theatres starting tomorrow, November 10th. The Arts Alliance is the leading producer, financier, distributor and marketer of Event Cinema worldwide. They have developed, marketed and distributed over 70 Event Cinema releases, reaching audiences in 4000+ screens in over 70 territories, engaging fans with the arts and cultural content they are most passionate about.

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