Friday, December 15, 2017

Taking Stock and Moving Forward

*collaborative post 


Time is flying. I really can't believe that Christmas is so close and soon we'll be saying goodbye to this year. This is always a hectic time for many of us as we navigate through these last few weeks of the year. Many of us take stock of what we've accomplished and we're grateful for the good things that have come into our lives. If we haven't accomplished many of the things we wanted for the year, we may also take stock of things and perhaps decide to try again at certain goals or to redirect our focus. I always find that whether I've either accomplished a lot on my list or if I didn't quite make it with some things, I still relish the lessons and the opportunity to regroup and to prepare for the new year.

Everyone has a story. Some of us may have wanted to travel more, start a business or make more time for the things that we enjoy. Or perhaps reading more books or enjoying more time with our families may have been on our list. Some may have thought about getting a loan as a quick solution to help finance a dream that they've wanted to pursue. No matter what we may have or have not done this year, in the new year, or indeed on this new day, we can decide to do something different. Deciding is the thing and this can be the first step on the path to a new avenue in our lives. There is no time like the present.

Like many, I have several things that I'd like to do in my life. I know that it's impossible to do every single thing that crosses my mind, but I'm a firm believer that we may as well have a go at things. If things don't work out, well at least we've tried. Failing at something is not a failure in my book. When we put our necks out to do something big, even if things don't go the way that we've planned, it's still a win. We grow from our failures. As I mature, I'm less tentative about taking a chance to try something new. I've learned that it is the doing of something...or the taking of the journey that holds many of the rewards in life. Yes, I want to do many things and I want to succeed at many things, but more and more I see a "failure" as simply a chance to redirect myself. Life is for living and each day is a new chance to give things a go.

I'm grateful for the wins, the lessons and the growth that I've experienced this year. I look forward to stepping into new adventures in the new year. And I wish everyone well as we all go forward. Cheers!

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