Friday, April 06, 2018

Cutting Foods Out For A Better Diet

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If you plan on changing up your diet this year, there are a few ways you can do it without falling back on the pizza and nachos within a few weeks. The key to changing your eating habits is the willingness to become a healthier person overall and the need to feel fit. To change your diet the best thing you can start with is cutting out the bad things you consume. This will be the hardest part of the process, but also an incredibly important one. Here’s how you can do it.

Small steps

You cannot simply wake up tomorrow and cut out all grains, dairy and processed foods. If you have ever tried this, you will know that after a couple of days your body craves what it used to have, and this leads to you falling back into these habits. If you want a lasting change, you need to start small and build your way up. For example, if you always put cheese on your chilli or your sandwiches, cut it out and see how you do for a week without changing anything else. Once this becomes easy enough, you can work on something else until eating healthier becomes second nature to you. Your body needs time to adjust so make sure you don’t overwhelm it right away.

 Add green

One of the easiest ways to cut down on fat while staying full is to reduce your regular portion and replace it with greens. Eventually half of your plate should be vegetables, with the other half split between protein and carbs. As a rule you can eat as many greens as you want, so if you are feeling hungry, pile it up on your plate. Here are some of the greens you can use for your plate: . This is a simple way to cut down on your other calories and still leave you feeling satisfied after a meal.

Cut the sugar

Sugar is one of the most addictive things we eat, and therefore it is the hardest to cut out of your diet. However, if you think small, you will eventually be able to cut out at least 90% of your refined sugars. For example, let’s say you love having a glass of wine or a bottle of beer at the end of the day, cutting down with the help of programs like this can help you reduce the sugar you consume. The same applies for soft drinks, sugar in your coffee and other things too.

Switch to whole grain

Bread is a very difficult food to give up because it is one of the most diverse and loved foods in the world. If you do want to try and cut down the amount of wheat you consume but can’t bear to say goodbye to bread completely- you can switch to whole grain versions of the foods you love and then work from there. It will take you some time, but you will at least be eating a slightly healthier version for the time being.

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