Saturday, April 07, 2018

Decluttering Your Home Once and for All

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Homes often get full of clutter over the years. You may have told yourself time and time again that you are going to have a clear-out, but for some reason it never seems to happen. You may even find that the whole thing is incredibly daunting. Don’t worry, this is completely normal, but if you are due to move house then you need to get things sorted out. If you were to hire local moving services then it would make it easier on them and you, so it is well worth doing.

What Would You Replace?

Think about it, if your house burnt down, what would you replace? If you are moving to a smaller house then this is a great trick to use. If you wouldn’t replace it then you don’t need it, so consider donating it to the local charity shop. When you do this, you can help out a good cause and you can also really help out someone in need. When organising your possessions, try and have three boxes. You’ll want to have one for your rubbish, one for your new home and then one for donations. Be strict with yourself when doing this, because if you’re not, everything will end up in the new house box!

It’s Not a Marathon

Remember that you are not going to sort through your entire house in a day, so make sure that you do a bit at a time. Make sure that you are happy with the job that you are doing, and when you get tired, just stop! If you do jobs like this when you are tired then you won’t make good decisions and it will also be much harder for you to get the job done in the long-run. If you have the time, just spend half an hour trying to declutter, or do it in bursts. It’s also important that you take regular breaks, as this will help you to avoid high-running emotions when it comes to getting rid of your things.

You Don’t Always Have to Get Rid of Things that you Love

When you have your boxes and even your piles ready, go through your drawers and gather everything that you love. If you have photos then you don’t need to get rid of these, but it does help to digitalise them so that you can keep them on record for the future. If you have important documents, consider scanning them and upload them to your computer, as this will save you a ton of space.

When the time does come for you to pack up your belongings, you can really save a lot of time by getting rid of some clutter and now is the best time for you to do this. Sure, throwing away stuff is hard, but when it has been done, you will feel so much better and it is a great way for you to downsize so you can fit everything in your new property without feeling too much stress along the way.

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