Saturday, July 11, 2020

Product Spotlight: Niederegger 2020 Flavours of the Year

Disclosure: I was sent these samples by Chocolates Direct. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Niederegger marzipan

Recently, I was sent a selection of tasty Niederegger goodies from Chocolates Direct. I was given the opportunity to try a selection of their products, along with the chance to experience their new Niederegger 2020 flavours

Niederegger is the world's leading marzipan brand, founded in Lubeck (Northern Germany) in 1806 by Johan Georg Niederegger. Their classic recipe remains unchanged to this day, plus they have a landmark 3 storey café in the city centre of Lubeck filled with their luxury products and marzipan cakes.

Niederegger chocolate banana marzipan
Above: Niederegger Chocolate Banana Mini Loaf

Niederegger have released their Chocolate Banana Mini Loaf, which is the Mini Loaf of the Year 2020. They have also released their Hazelnut and Toffee Loaf which is the 2020 limited edition flavoured loaf of the year.

Niederegger Hazelnut and Toffee Loaf
Above: Niederegger Hazelnut and Toffee Loaf

The Niederegger Chocolate Banana Mini Loaf features dark chocolate-covered chocolate banana marzipan. It’s delicious and I love the combination of banana and chocolate. The mini loaves come eight to a box. They’re an excellent treat after a meal or anytime. 

The Niederegger Hazelnut and Toffee Loaf 2020 Limited Edition features dark chocolate-covered marzipan with toffee and hazelnut pieces. I loved this because I love hazelnuts and pairing them with chocolate and toffee is a winner in my book!

The other items that I received were varied and very tasty. I received the Black and White Loaf, the Minis Bakery Style, the Rum Traube Loaf (Rum and Raisin), and the Stick and Go Classic.
Niederegger Black and White Loaf marzipan
Above: Niederegger Black and White Loaf

I’m a great lover of chocolate, so I thoroughly enjoyed the Black and White Loaf. It contains chocolate marzipan with pieces of dark and white chocolate, covered in dark chocolate. It was so deliciously chocolatey…a real chocolate lover’s dream! 

Niederegger Rum and Raisin Loaf
Above: Niederegger Rum and Raisin (Rum Traube) Loaf

The Rum Traube Loaf had an interesting flavour. This loaf combines delicious Niederegger marzipan with rum and raisins which is then covered with milk and bittersweet chocolate and pieces of chopped almond for an added crunch. I’m not particularly fond of rum usually, but I have to say that I did enjoy this. It was a different taste experience for me, and it was very welcomed in that it introduced me to a flavour combination that I would probably have not come to appreciate on my own. My husband and I shared this one and we both enjoyed it.

The Minis Bakery Style box and the Stick and Go were and are lovely…my husband and I are still enjoying them. 

Niederegger Minis Bakery Style

Niederegger Minis Bakery Style
Above: Niederegger Minis Bakery Style

Niederegger Stick and Go Classic marzipan
Above: Niederegger Stick and Go Classic

The Stick and Go Classic is a 40g stick of pure marzipan with a generous coating of dark chocolate. The Minis Bakery Style box contains delicious praline creations in mini bite format with the flavours Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Cupcake, Toffee and Tiramisu. These praline goodies are lovely to enjoy anytime when you want to enjoy a sweet treat.

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