Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Election Day 2020



To all my fellow Americans, today is the day!
If you haven't already voted during early voting or by absentee ballot,
 please make your voice heard and please cast your vote today.

I voted by absentee ballot a few weeks ago. I mailed it off as quickly as possible since I wanted to make sure that my ballot arrived on time. I've checked and my ballot was accepted, so I was relieved to find that out. It's a crazy time and sadly we can't be sure of anything during this election. We just have to do our best and do our part as citizens. 

As I completed my ballot, I couldn't help but think about the late Congressman John Lewis, who I admired so much. Even before he passed away this summer, I would often think of him, because I grew up learning about this incredible man and the sacrifices that he and so many others made in order for me to have my right to vote. 

I also thought of my ancestors and all that they endured in order to vote and to just simply live their lives. I thought of the ones who did get the chance to vote and also the ones who were never able to vote because of the racism that they encountered. 

We are living through a very hard time in the history of the world, in ways that we never would've imagined just a year ago. The pandemic has taken so many lives and continues to take lives every single day. The political climate is SO toxic and vitriolic. We MUST make so many changes in order to get back on track somehow, but hopefully on a much better track because there is definitely room for improvement in this world. Too much hate, injustice, and inequality has been allowed to permeate society for too long. We HAVE to do better...much better.

Please vote! 🌊

Please wear a mask! 😷