Monday, March 28, 2011

Burgers and Anniversaries

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I’d finally do my foodie post. Well this isn’t that post yet, but this one is a sort of random weekend post that has a bit of food involved so I’m halfway there ;-) I haven’t done one of these weekend roundup random posts in a long while and it’s fun to do it again to give you an idea of what my weekend was like. How was yours? :-)

So here goes...well on Saturday night we had cheeseburgers for dinner and they were really tasty. I hadn’t had a homemade burger in a while so this was a treat and I went a little crazy with loading things onto it. LOL.

Here’s exhibit A...

Brit Boy and I sort of did our own things with toppings. We both had cheese, tomatoes, onion and lettuce and that’s where the similarities ended. I don’t remember what else he put on his because I was mesmerized by mine. So as I said before, I got carried away, but I tell you, that’s my kind of carried away. LOL. I piled on a bit of mayonnaise, a bit of ketchup, and some sweet chili sauce. It was so messy, but SO doggone good! What a triumph and I was a happy woman after this ;-)

Sunday was a big day. It marked the day five years ago when I arrived here in England to live and I still can’t believe that it’s been that long. It’s truly like they say...time flies. It was very interesting that it fell on this day because yesterday was the day when we were supposed to fill out our Census form. It is supposed to be filled out on a certain day and it just happened to fall on my anniversary day. They do the Census count here on the years numbered ‘1’, such as 2001, 2011, 2021, etc. So I thought it was quite cool that the day coincided with my anniversary day and one more thing...we switched over to British Summer Time here on the same day! Whew, that’s a lot :-) Here in England, British Summer Time is when we move our clocks forward. So it was an interesting moment in time for me yesterday.

Now it’s onward into this new week...and I’ll be sharing more of my food triumphs and my not so triumphant food experiences. Also, I’ll share the countdown to our next adventure in London that’s coming up next month!

Until next time...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I’ve gotten behind on my posting lately. I can’t believe it’s been nearly three weeks, but I’m back here again and I’m glad to be here. Just like many of you, life gets busy and some things slip...and my blog slipped way down the list ;-) Anyway, I’ve returned so thank you for visiting me again!

I was going to post about my food adventure in this post, just like I promised in my last post, but I just wanted to ease back in with one of those take a breath posts. I’ll do my food post next time.

Spring will be arriving in a few days and it brings to mind the feeling of renewal. Both of my parents have been on my mind quite a bit lately, so when I snapped the photo below of the daffodils blooming in our backyard, I thought of how I love and miss both of them. These daffodils remind me of being back home when I was growing up...when my parents were both alive. I love spring because it makes me remember the longer days and my daddy being out in the garden. I remember the smell of the freshly plowed earth and all of the planting going on. It's amazing how those little things stay in your mind forever.

So I welcome the arrival of spring and I pray for good things ahead for all of us everywhere, all around the world.