Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trip to London & Matrimony

I just wanted to drop in with a short post and say hello :) Brit Boy and I are headed out tomorrow morning on another London adventure. As I mentioned in this post, we are going for a visit to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We had planned our trip and then coincidentally, the royal wedding was announced. So I guess that we'll be right there to see what we can see. I'll take some pics if I can get any. Wish me luck! ;-) Even if I don't get any royal-esque pics, I'll hopefully get something to share here. So watch this space!

Have a great rest of the week and I'll be back to share in a few days.

P.S. ~ Also, I have a couple of items that I've been sent to review and I'll be sharing those in future posts. One tastes really great and one is very smooth...

Until next time...

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Glorious Day

(Photo courtesy of NASA)

I wanted to wish a HAPPY EARTH DAY to everyone! My heart sings with love for this beautiful planet that we call home :-)

And I can certainly not forget Good Friday and all that it conjures up for me. This Easter season immediately reminds me of my days growing up back in Georgia. Easter was always one of my very favorite times of the year and it always brings feelings of renewal to my mind. When I was a child, we would prepare an Easter program at church and it was a glorious tradition. All of us kids would participate by singing and/or reciting what we called Easter speeches. The Easter speeches were poetic pieces that we learned by heart and recited to the congregation and our proud parents. I look back now and realize how lucky we all were to be able to have that sense of community. Those times live now only in my memories, but I'm glad that they're mine forever :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anniversaries and Royal Weddings

I wanted to give you a bit of a preview of what’s coming up in regards to our ongoing adventures here at the Yellow House. Well, we’re headed to London in about sixteen days and it promises to be very interesting! ;-) As many of you know, Prince William will be marrying Kate Middleton on April 29th, so London will be alive with activity for sure. But here’s the deal...they are getting married on me and Brit Boy’s 5th wedding anniversary! So it’ll be a double celebration in our eyes.

We had already planned and booked our trip to London for our anniversary and then we found out that the royal couple would be getting hitched on the 29th. So we figure that as long as we’re going to be in London anyway to celebrate our big day, we may as well see what we can see with the royal wedding. It should be fun and eventful to say the least! :-)

Brit Boy and I have seen several of the royals before. Check out my post here to go down the Yellow House memory lane. So to be honest, we’re not going just to catch a glimpse of a royal or two; we’re going to check things out to be part of the collective experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see them all and I’m not saying we’ve become jaded about seeing them or anything...far from it. Seeing them will be great. It’s just that to us it will be about sharing a collective experience with thousands of others and that should be cool. And it’s a part of history, so it will definitely be something to write in my memoirs one day ;-) Shared experiences like this are so rare these days due to so many things going on all the time at the same time. So it will be cool to share this moment with others.

And also, Brit Boy and I will just be enjoying hanging out together away from the crowds at some point and just enjoying our anniversary. Five years...who knew it would go so quickly?! :-)

Brit Boy and I will be sharing photos and such on both of our blogs. We hope we get some kind of photos of something and not so many of the backs of peoples’ heads. LOL. We shall see....anyway, watch this space and Brit Boy’s blog here to read all about our adventures!

The countdown to our adventure begins...

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Beautiful Walk

I hope that everybody is having a great weekend! I just wanted to share some photos that I took yesterday. I went for a walk since it was such a gorgeous day. Walking on the nature trail here made me think about the nature trail back home in Georgia. The longer that I live here, the more I see the similarities all the time :) And that's a beautiful thing!