Thursday, July 07, 2011

Honda Campaign Revs Up

Living in Wiltshire and being a Swindon Town fan, I was intrigued when an email concerning a new campaign by Honda dropped into my inbox. Honda is one of the major employers in Swindon where they have a giant car production plant, and a previous advertising campaign even drew on their links with the town. As a result of these links, a large proportion of the cars seen around the Swindon area are Hondas of one type or another.


This new campaign draws on Honda’s existing sponsorship of Channel 4 documentaries. Apparently, this sponsorship will not only continue throughout 2011 but will also be enhanced with an online hub and a series of mini-documentaries. These documentaries, and the associated idents for the Channel 4 shows, will feature actual Honda owners and will tell the stories of how they use their vehicles in unique ways. For example, the first of these four documentaries will feature an alpaca breeder from neighbouring Oxfordshire who uses her Honda ATV to help tend the animals.








Together with their mini-documentary, each owner will feature in a range of idents which will carry a unique URL leading viewers to extra content. The online hub at will feature each documentary in full, as well as other films, articles and interesting stories. There’s also a “Take Part” section where other Honda owners can upload their own photographs and stories of how they use their own vehicles in unusual ways. The favourite story that is uploaded will be chosen to be turned into its own documentary and series of idents for TV. Visit (designboom) to find out more about the competition.

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American in Bath said...

Wait, you're in Wiltshire. We have to meet up.

Dori said...

American in Bath,
Yep, I live in Wiltshire :) A meet up would be great some time.