Monday, November 04, 2013

Save the Blow Dry Review

Recently I was asked to review a product called Save the Blow Dry. It's the moisture eliminating queen of shower caps. It promises to protect your hair from frizz when you go into the shower with your beautifully blow dried hair.

We all know how it is to go through all of the trouble to get your hair blown out only to then take a shower and have all of that effort go to waste. It can be really annoying!

So the folks at Save the Blow Dry have come up with a way to save our blow dried hair from the humidity of the shower.

The Save the Blow Dry shower cap was sent to me and I tried it out and I have to say it worked very well for me. I don't blow dry my hair out every day, but when I do it'll be great to know that I can count on this shower cap to keep my hair from going frizzy.

It's a generous sized cap so even if you have thick hair it will cover your hair well. It also has a good fit. When I've used shower caps in the past, the elastic bit is usually not snug at all so water and humidity can definitely get in. Well that's not a problem with this shower cap. The Save the Blow Dry shower cap fits snugly without crushing your head. It fits just right.

It also comes with a cool pink bow design that's slightly retro and I just love it! It has an internal layer of super-absorbent micro-weave toweling that protects the hair from frizz.

The Save the Blow Dry shower cap is priced at £14.95 and is available from selected retail and salon partners and at

A big bonus to purchasing this great shower cap is the opportunity to help others by your purchase of this product. Save the Blow Dry has partnered with Khandel light, a charity that works to greatly improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, Rajastahan, India. Every Save the Blow Dry sold through the website, directly funds two weeks worth of safe drinking water for a family in this desert region, making a basic, but vital difference to people living with constant drought, where temperatures soar to 45 degrees Celsius. I love it when companies lend a helping hand to others!

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