Monday, June 30, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Book Spotlight: With Marilyn: An Evening /1961

With Marilyn: An Evening/1961 by Douglas Kirkland, 
published by Glitterati Incorporated,

Douglas Kirkland is a highly respected and celebrated photographer who has created an amazing body of work through the various images that he has captured throughout his career. His work has been featured in Look and Life magazines as well as in many other outlets where he photographed a variety of subjects. Back in 1961, when he was a young photographer at Look magazine, he was given an assignment for the 25th anniversary issue to photograph the movie star and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. It was a golden opportunity for Kirkland. We have to remember that Marilyn was the ideal and was the epitome of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood at the time, so this was an incredible assignment. And even though Marilyn Monroe died well over fifty years ago, her status as an icon has not faded and probably never will.

With Marilyn: An Evening/1961 by Douglas Kirkland, 
published by Glitterati Incorporated,

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taking a Look at My Pictures #4

Here are a couple of other pictures from my trip to the V&A. If you missed my previous post, you can find it here. As I mentioned before, I'm going to share my various pics here to let you see what I've been up to recently. I had a lot of pics in the previous post, so these were put to the side momentarily, but these are from that same day. I love the V&A and it was the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon. The photo to the left shows the tunnel that you walk through from the tube and it guides you right to many of the great museums in London. A guy was performing the song "Billie Jean" on his saxophone as I was walking by. He was really excellent.

The picture above is inside of the V&A. There are a series of busts and statues in this part of the museum. The room itself is beautiful and the art just adds to it.

That's it for today, but more are coming...I never stop taking pictures! Lol! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Taking a Look at My Pictures #3

Here are some of the pictures that I promised to post. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I've been snapping pics here and there so I want to share them. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I have a history of posting various pictures. I don't do this nearly as much as I used to so I'm going to start spilling them all out! Lol! I love documenting things so I'm always taking a quick pic. Some of the pictures that I'll share are kinda random and some of them like the ones today are from a particular outing :-)

These are some pictures from my day in London a little over a month ago. I was in London for a press event and afterwards I had some time to myself, so I had lunch and then wandered. It was great! It was a rainy day so I spent more time indoors on this trip. I went to one of my favorite places in London...definitely my favorite museum...the Victoria and Albert Museum, also known as the V&A. These dresses are a part of the wedding exhibit that they have going on now. It's a wonderful place to visit on a sunny or a rainy day. I hope you enjoy my pictures!

Christian Dior display

Beautiful piece that hangs in the entry area

Another view to show the dome above

Wedding dresses exhibit

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Spotlight: The Centre Cannot Hold

The Centre Cannot Hold
The Centre Cannot Hold by David Gulden, published by Glitterati Incorporated,

As you know if you've been reading my blog for a while, I love photography, especially black and white photography. I just think that it brings such depth to pictures and reveals an extra layer in documenting the experience of life. I've been enjoying a book called The Centre Cannot Hold by David Gulden, published by Glitterati Incorporated, Wildlife photographer David Gulden has created an awe-inspiring assortment of some of the most beautiful photographs of animals that I've ever seen. Set against the beautiful landscape of Kenya, the amazing close-ups and action shots simply come alive. I felt the movement of the animals even though I was staring at a moment frozen in time by Gulden's lens.

giraffes - The Centre Cannot Hold
The Centre Cannot Hold by David Gulden, published by Glitterati Incorporated,

The vast majority of the book is filled with his beautiful photographs, but there is a foreword by novelist and short story writer Susan Minot and there is also an essay by David Gulden. I found both pieces to be very helpful in giving some context to the collection of photos.

The Centre Cannot Hold
The Centre Cannot Hold by David Gulden, published by Glitterati Incorporated,

In Minot's foreword she writes:

"David Gulden captures animals in all their wonder and intrigue, without glorifying or romanticizing them. He knows Kenya's wildlife intimately and it shows in the depth of his images. He has an artist's eye, which delivers beauty and transport in every picture."

The Centre Cannot Hold
The Centre Cannot Hold by David Gulden, published by Glitterati Incorporated,

Her words are spot on. There is a freshness in Gulden's work and the photographs make you feel like you are there seeing the animals in real life.

lions - The Centre Cannot Hold
The Centre Cannot Hold by David Gulden, published by Glitterati Incorporated,

It's interesting to get a glimpse of Gulden's creative goal in creating this book. He writes in his essay:

"I have always wanted simply to take photographs that no one else had taken before. Of course, accomplishing this has not been simple."

The Centre Cannot Hold
The Centre Cannot Hold by David Gulden, published by Glitterati Incorporated,

He goes on in the essay to describe some of his technique in capturing these amazing images. I loved reading about how he did what he did. It was an intriguing read.

The Centre Cannot Hold
The Centre Cannot Hold by David Gulden, published by Glitterati Incorporated,

David Gulden has created a beautiful collection of photographs that offers an extraordinary view of the wildlife of Kenya. I walked away from this book with an even greater love for black and white photography and how it can accentuate the beauty that is already there. The beauty of the land and the animals is present in every image and we are able to experience it with each turn of the page.

The Centre Cannot Hold can be purchased here.

*Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are mine.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Some Pictures Are Coming

Hi :-) This is just a quick note to say that I will be sharing some pictures in the next couple of days. I've been getting back into a picture taking mood recently so I'd love to share some of them. I used to share lots of photos here in the past and I want to get back to that much more :)

It will probably end up being a few posts so that I won't overload things with one big post. I hope that you'll come back and take a look!

Have a wonderful day!

The Nomad ChargeKey and Nomad ChargeCard

I love finding out about new gadgets or new ways of doing things. Recently I was asked to try out two interesting products, the Nomad ChargeKey and the Nomad ChargeCard. They are the world's smallest, most portable USB charging cables and they come in a key design and a credit card design respectively. I've been trying them out for several days and I find that they are great for the on-the-go lifestyle that many of us have these days. Both are portable smartphone cables that save you from being stuck with a phone battery that is dying. Since it's a bother to carry around a regular USB cable wherever you go, the Nomad ChargeKey and Nomad ChargeCard are a good solution to this problem. You can carry both with you all the time and when you need a charge you can just plug into a computer and get charged up. They can also be used to charge or sync other devices such as tablets and Kindles, in addition to your phone.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge

Today I have a fun post to share! Recently I was contacted by Kendra Thornton, who is a travel expert who has been featured on television shows like The Tyra Banks Show and The Nate Berkus Show. She regularly shares her tips on planning, packing, and numerous other aspects of travel. She has invited me to participate in 'Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge'. Kendra is headed to Miami this summer and wants some help in picking out her outfits for this amazing trip!

Here's some background on the challenge from Kendra herself :

"It would be a great honor to wear an ensemble that you select! I am in need of some new looks while in Miami because I feel stuck in Mommy mode! We are headed to the Biltmore Estate, which is a very historical hotel built in 1926. The posh interiors mingle with original architecture and art from the early 1900s. I am so excited for this challenge and hope that you are too. We discovered this fabulous hotel through a site called gogobot . I fell in love with the look of the luxury suites. We are so lucky to be staying in the same place that celebrities and political dignitaries from around the world visit every year. The Biltmore has some fantastic amenities and activities like a championship golf course, spa, yoga studio and gourmet restaurants. My husband and I are going to spend a lot of time here in addition to exploring around Miami. One possible look might be something casual yet trendy to wear out on the green or walking around Miami. I just really want to look fabulous but feel comfortable. One night during our trip we plan on taking culinary classes at the Biltmore. The hotel has a new culinary academy with world renown chefs. We are going to cook some gourmet dishes and just enjoy spending time together. I would love to have a sexier evening outfit to wear for our romantic dinner dates. I think we will likely visit some of the night clubs along South Beach as well. I plan on taking a lot of pictures while we're in Miami. There are so many things to do and lots of sights that we want to see. The art galleries are my favorite, and we'll probably do a lot of shopping in Downtown Miami as well as check out Little Havana and Lincoln Road. I'm so excited to go on this vacation and get away for a little while. I am honored you're participating in this challenge. I truly love your work and follow your blog with every update."

It sounds like Kendra and her husband will be having a wonderful time in Miami!

Here are the looks that I've selected:

#1 - Golf Outfit: Kendra mentions that the hotel has a championship golf course and that she and her husband may spend some time out on the green. So I thought that this outfit would be a crisp and stylish look for a round of golf.

#2 - Relaxing Poolside: The Biltmore has a wonderful swimming pool and I think that after a day out on the golf course, it would be great to just relax for a while. For this look I've picked two looks that feature bikinis with breezy and comfortable cover-ups. The sun hat and other accessories will compliment both suits.

#3 - Sightseeing Around Miami: Kendra mentions that she and her husband will be doing some sightseeing and I thought that this outfit would be cool, comfortable and stylish.

#4 - Culinary Casual: This look will be a nice, casual outfit for Kendra to wear for the culinary class that she and her husband plan to attend. She will look pulled together as she learns some new cooking skills.

#5 - Date Night / Night on the Town: I chose three dresses for Kendra to choose from here. They're of a similar color scheme so the accessories can easily be worn with each dress.

I hope that she and her husband have a wonderful time in Miami! I'm sure that they will.

I'd like to thank Kendra for the opportunity to participate in her challenge. It was so much fun!

And to my readers, I'd love to know which look you like best. Please leave a comment to let me know!  :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Album Review at The Music Spot

This is just a quick post to share some news. If you have a moment, please go by and check out an  album review that I wrote at The Music Spot. You can find it here. The review is for a new album by a group called We Were Evergreen.

Thanks in advance for taking a look! :-) 

Monday, June 09, 2014

Yellow Fields

Happy Monday!

Today I'd like to share a picture that I took a couple of weeks ago when I was walking out in the countryside. It was a beautiful day. The yellow that you see is a plant called rapeseed. It's a very widespread crop that is grown around here. During the spring, the fields are colored with sunny yellow as if someone went through with a big paint brush. It makes for really beautiful scenery.

Have a good day and week!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Happy Weekend

Have a wonderful weekend! I think if the weather is anywhere near as beautiful as it is today then I see some walking in my future this weekend. What are your plans?

I hope that you have a fun weekend!   :-)

Mr. Nutcase Personalized Phone Case

I love my phone! I admit that I used to be a person who couldn't understand people's attachment to their cell phones. Lol. But once I got a phone that wasn't an absolute antique, I realized just how much that I could do with it. Since I live thousands of miles away from my family and friends back home, it's often my main tool to keep in touch with them through various types of social media. So on top of the basic, traditional uses for a phone, it's a lifeline of sorts for me. Therefore, protecting it from getting banged up is important to me.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Monday Blog Tour

I've been tagged to participate in the Monday Blog Tour by Baliva and I thank him for picking me for this blog tour. I appreciate it so much. Take a look at Baliva's post here. Without further ado, I'll dive right into the questions.

What am I working on?

I am currently working on blogging more consistently. I find that blogging helps me, because it keeps me on a regular writing schedule. I don't publish a new blog post each day, but I'm always thinking about what to add to the blog next.

In addition to blogging, I am currently working on a book that has been on the back burner for a while, but now I feel ready to finish it. It's a work of fiction and is about a woman who goes looking for one thing in life, but finds something more. She realizes what she really wants in her life and it's not what she thought it was.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

My work may not appear that different from others on the surface, but everyone has their own unique voice and that's what makes life interesting. The only person that I can be is me and my work is a reflection of me. I blog about a bit of everything and my book will hopefully offer an intriguing story to readers.

Why do I write what I do?

I write what I do because I like exploration and expression. I like writing about what I experience in my life, but I also like writing about other people, especially other creative people because it always intrigues me to find out about their process. I write in order to understand myself a bit better and the people that I come into contact with. I'm always just wanting to learn and explore.

How does my writing process work?

I am a person who loves to write lists or I'll jot some notes down on a scrap of paper. Lately I've tried to use technology a bit more to help me in my note-taking, so I'll type short notes into my phone. But I've come to realize that I'm more of a scribbler so most of my notes still end up on lists or scraps of paper. I guess I just like the act of writing things down. Eventually those various notes will make it into a blog post or into whatever I'm writing. I type the skeleton of thoughts from my notes into the computer and then I'll flesh things out as I go.

To continue this blog tour...

I’d like to tag  Duni at Duni's Studio ( @PeriDotbyDuni ) and Katherine at Katherine's Corner  (@GoAskKatie )  to answer the four questions above by June 9th, next Monday. To see previous blog tour posts, check the twitter hashtag #MondayBlogTour .

Fashion Spotlight: Paul Fredrick Summer 2014 Collection

I can't believe that it's June already. Even though summer doesn't officially start until later this month, for me, once the calendar flips over to June it's summer. The arrival of summer makes me think of beach vacations, time outside, and lovely events to attend. It's wonderful to get out after the long, cold winter.

From the Paul Fredrick Summer 2014 Collection

I like looking my best when I go to one of those wonderful summer events and I love it when I'm there and see a well-dressed man. There's just something so appealing about seeing a man dressed nicely and doing it with his own personal style.

From the Paul Fredrick Summer 2014 Collection
There's a wonderful menswear brand called Paul Fredrick and they design, manufacture, and directly distribute a collection of pieces that help men to look their best. They offer great style options to their customers. They are currently launching their Summer 2014 Collection which features light and comfortable seersucker suits, unique patterned ties, and colorful dress shirts.

I love the vibrancy of each piece because they make me think of attending some wonderful garden party or wedding here in the English countryside where I live. The colors are so rich. Paul Fredrick also boasts some stylish looks that are good for the office and give men that extra bit of style as they go confidently into their day. The vast array of dress shirts are seemingly endless, so there's something for every taste.

Here are some of my favorite shirt and tie combinations from the Paul Fredrick  Summer 2014 Collection:

As I mentioned before, I love a well-dressed man. Whether he's heading into the office or to a lovely summer event, I think that Paul Fredrick can be a wonderful place to go to pull together just the right look!