Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Product Spotlight: Driving Test Success Gift Card

I've been living in England for a few years now and I've become quite acclimated to life here for the most part. I go about life day-to-day basically as I would back home in Georgia and just get on with living. However, there's one thing in particular that I did back home that I have yet to do here. I've never driven a car here because:

1) I'm used to driving an automatic car
2) I don't have a driver's license in the UK

Over my years of living here, I've either been a passenger in the car or I've taken the bus. In the beginning, it was nice to not have to bother with driving after having driven seemingly non-stop since I was a teenager. However, now I'm feeling the itch to drive again. It's time. I guess it's because I've settled in and also I miss the independence of being able to drive to wherever I want to go.

It was perfect timing when I received a Driving Test Success Gift Card a few days ago. With this learner driver gift card, recipients are entitled to six months of unlimited Gold Membership access to the UK's leading online theory test training. The six month membership only starts when the activation code is entered online and not when the card is purchased.

Some of the features that users have access to are:

* Every official Theory Test revision question, answer and explanation

* The chance to sit unlimited mock tests with interactive case studies

* Interactive Hazard Perception Test video clips

* Practical driving lesson video tutorials

* Access to a detailed progress monitor

* A chance to read the official DVSA explanations and links to the Highway Code to help you learn and understand the correct answers

* There's even an optional voiceover to help those with reading difficulties or dyslexia. Available in English, Punjabi, Polish, Urdu and Arabic.

There's so much that this great gift card gives you access to and it'll definitely be invaluable to me as I go on this journey to earn my license to drive in the UK. With Christmas coming up, I think that this would be an excellent gift for anyone in the UK on your list who is about to embark on the journey to their own driver's license. It's a gift that will serve them well for years to come.

Check out the website here to learn more about the Driving Test Success Gift Card.

* Disclosure: I was sent this gift card for review. All opinions are mine.

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