Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Book Spotlight: Witch Dust

I've recently had the opportunity to read a new novel called Witch Dust by Marilyn Messik. It's the story of Sandra, the daughter of illusionists Adam and Ophelia, and her intriguing extended family. Sandra's life with her performing parents is definitely not boring, but once she finds out about family that she's never known, things get even more interesting to say the least.

Sandra's parents part due to her father's wandering eye. After this upheaval, Sandra's mother comes clean and tells Sandra that she has a whole bunch of relatives that she never knew existed. This floors Sandra because her mother has always told her otherwise. This revelation leads to a journey back home for Ophelia. From the first moment of their arrival, Sandra is greeted by one eccentric and quirky relative after another. The characters are so rich and colourful. Readers are taken on a beautifully magical ride. I was enthralled by the characters and I was continually engaged throughout. I didn't want to put it down.

There is always something happening in this story, from a failing hotel business to a documentary to the inner workings of family, and let me tell you, it definitely works.  There is also a bit of the dark and supernatural thrown in for good measure and it all comes together to create a thrilling read. The characters are beautifully quirky. I really loved this book!

If you'd like to get your own copy of Witch Dust, you can find it here.

About the Author:
Marilyn Messik was a feature and fiction writer for magazines (Annabelle, She, Mother & Baby, Women’s Weekly, Telegraph Online, etc). Her first business was a children’s book and party shop. She subsequently moved into travel, researching and rating American country inns and publishing an annual full colour guide. She currently runs a copywriting consultancy, helping businesses and organisations plan, shape and optimise communication. Marilyn lives in Watford, Hertfordshire and is the author of Relatively Strange and Even Stranger. Her writing style has been described as “A cross between Stephen King and Maureen Lipman.” although, as she points out, she’s really not sure either of them would be remotely thrilled to hear that!

 *Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are mine.

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