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Packing Tips For A Great Weekend Away!

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Have you booked a long weekend away for Valentine’s Day, a Spring Easter break or a few nights away in the summer? Whether you are booking a weekend in the British countryside, a city break to somewhere romantic like Rome or a luxury spa weekend, you will need to plan what to pack accordingly. This article aims to give advice on what to pack depending on your destination.

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City break

It very much depends on the time of year you are travelling as to what to pack. For example, if you are going to Rome in the summer, temperatures could reach 26 degrees and above, whereas in Reykjavik the average summer temperature is only 11 degrees!

For trips to Rome you will want to stay cool, but stylish. Staples to your packing list should include stylish sunglasses, sundresses that will be easily glammed up for the vibrant nightlife and a floaty scarf to cover shoulders whilst visiting the Vatican and Colosseum.

As much of your time in Rome will be spent sightseeing and exploring the ancient squares,  comfortable shoes are a must, look for stylish sandals or flats that will transition easily from day to night. Try to wear them before you go away as brand new shoes may rub in the heat and no matter how expensive your shoes are, blisters are not a good look.

When choosing a handbag for a city break, consider a cross-body style, this will stop your shoulders from aching. Choose a bag with a secure zip fastening so that your money and other valuables like your phone and camera stay secure from pickpockets. 

The other items you should consider packing for a warm weekend away, are a few t-shirts, camisoles and shorts in light, breathable fabric. One or two lace tops are ideal for dressing up for evenings.  

For cooler destinations such as Reykjavik you will definitely need to pack for all eventualities. You will need to pack a bikini or swimming costume for bathing in the natural hot pools and geothermal springs, as well as warm waterproof jackets, jumpers and and woolly hats.

Iceland's blue lagoon image

Much like Rome, you will spend a lot of time on your feet, so a comfy substantial pair of walking shoes are needed. Reykjavik does have a vibrant nightlife scene, so you may want to pack an outfit suitable for partying. If you pack a pair of stylish black jeans, you will be able to dress them up on an evening with just a change of top and some sparkly accessories.

For all destinations you should consider packing everything you take into a case suitable for taking straight onto the plane as cabin baggage, this will save on flight costs as well as being more convenient when you are travelling from the airport to accomodation.

Weekend away in the country

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Countryside breaks evoke thoughts of long walks down rambling lanes followed by a cosy pub lunch, with evenings spent relaxing in front of a roaring fire. The trouble with packing for a weekend away in Britain is that the weather is so temperamental! There is also the quandary of what to wear!

In the countryside,wellingtons are a must and the type that you choose is pretty important. Brands such as Hunters and Joules have perfect wellingtons that look just as stylish walking through a muddy field as they do eating lunch. Outerwear is an important consideration too, Barbour have great wax jackets in their range, which have the benefit of being warm as well as waterproof.

For evenings out, a soft jumper made from cashmere can be dressed up for the theatre or local eatery if paired with a great pair of jeans, leather boots and some understated accessories.

Luggage should be of an understated quality and preferably leather. Buying a leather holdall is a great investment, as it will only get better with age. 
Wherever you are heading, write a list of what you are packing, streamline it to the bare minimum and most importantly stick to it! Maximise the space in your luggage by packing easy to pack items that are non-iron. Reduce the amount of toiletries you take by decanting them into travel sized bottles and streamline your makeup bag. Choosing your outfits is all about versatility, design different outfits before you travel, using a few staple items of clothing. A top can be worn casually during the day and dressed up in the evening with the addition of a skirt, scarf and accessories.  

Most importantly enjoy your weekend away! Great choices made when you pack will ensure you don’t need to fret about what to wear.

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