Sunday, July 29, 2018

Product Spotlight: Paperless Post

*collaborative post

Communication is very important in connecting with those we love and care about in our lives. In the past, a handwritten letter was mostly the only way to communicate and later emails came along. Nowadays many of us keep in contact through social media, alongside emails and also on some rare occasions we still write handwritten letters.

Paperless Post brings together some of the best attributes of the various ways in which we can communicate. They design customizable online stationery, to show that communication can be personal and well-designed, regardless of the medium.

With Paperless Post you can use their beautiful designs to celebrate the most important occasions in life, from birthdays to weddings to parties and more. There is a wide variety of cards to choose from. They have re-imagined invitations and use excellent technology and creative designs to give customers a way to beautifully celebrate the times of their lives.

Take a look for yourself and reach out to your friends and family in a truly special and beautiful way!

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