Monday, September 17, 2018

Starting a Clothing Brand

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Creative people come in various forms. They may like one or many of the following pursuits: writing, painting, making music, dancing, singing, or sewing, along with many other ways in which they may choose to express themselves. At the centre of many creative lives, is the need for self-expression. If the creative person is lucky and dedicates themselves, they can possibly make their creativity into a brand which they can share with the world.

As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. There is work to be done certainly and it may be a challenge, but working on something that you love gives you the drive and the determination to see things through when things get challenging. As I mentioned at the beginning, there are many ways to be creative. One way that really sounds interesting to me since I love fashion, is taking a love of sewing and putting that entrepreneurial hat on to start a clothing brand. With the combined power of a more entrepreneurial society, the rise of social media, and the existence of companies such as Sewport, who can help you find apparel manufacturers,  it has never been easier to make the dream of starting a clothing brand come true.


Sewport is an excellent resource for clothing manufacturing, which can help designers bring their designs to life. They have created an opportunity where anyone who may not have connections in the industry, can find the best matching manufacturing partners.

Before you embark on this journey of starting your own clothing brand, here are just a few of the things which you may want to consider, such as:

1) Fulfilling a Need

Even though starting a clothing brand is very centred within self-expression for the designing creative, there is also a market need to be considered, from a business standpoint. Successful businesses often build upon a foundation of fulfilling a need for their customers. How many of us have had a thought of something that we’d like to be able to have in real life, in order to serve a purpose, but that particular item doesn’t exist? Or sometimes we may discover a product in a shop and we may recognize that we’ve had a similar idea but didn’t pursue it or we may say to ourselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?” These thoughts could have possibly been the seed of an idea, but perhaps we didn’t see how our ideas could be taken forward. If you have an idea about creating a brand, perhaps think about the need that it fulfils. This also can help in the development and can help generate ideas of how to market the finished product.

2) Self-Belief and Seeing How It Can Be Done

Sometimes when we come up with a great idea, we can be our own worst enemy and shoot the idea down before we even get going. The doubts might start to creep in and the ‘what ifs’ may start rearing their ugly heads. When we are going for our dreams, this is the time when self-belief is of the utmost importance. We have to believe that we can do it and visualize along the way while we are working, to help ourselves truly see that it can be done. One of the prohibitive thoughts, which is actually a very practical one when thinking of starting a clothing brand, might be the worry about costs. The thing is, you don’t have to be rich to start your own clothing brand. There are so many resources out there to help you along, such as Sewport, which can point you in the right direction to bring your ideas to life. 

3) Thinking About Who Your Customers Will Be

This can go along with fulfilling the needs of customers. It is important to identify who might be your “ideal” customer, but this doesn’t have to be a limiting condition. This can be an opportunity to think about what you or your friends would like to see available in the marketplace. Do you want to make leisure wear, evening wear, or something in between? Will there be a particular demographic which you will be skewing your clothing towards? Or do you want to create products which have a wider appeal? These are all great things to consider and this can help to focus your vision about what you want to create. And ultimately, it’s important to craft what you want to create and to produce a product that you can be proud of.

4) Find a Production Source

This is definitely where a company like Sewport comes into the picture. As I mentioned earlier, they can offer the tools which are extremely vital in finding the right sources to bring your clothing designs to life. Their current focus is on the fashion industry, but they aim to scale to other products such as accessories, furniture & decor, arts & crafts, cosmetics and machinery as they go along in the upcoming quarters. Sewport solves some of the problems of users by removing the complexity and by guiding designers through the process of sourcing and manufacturing their fashion products.


5) Find Your Village

Even though you may be creating designs on your own, it never hurts to have people in your corner. This may take the form of perhaps having a partner. However, even if you go it alone, it is important to have support along the way. Find other people who are like-minded. Connect with others who are interested in clothing or setting up their own clothing brands…those who are starting out and those who have already embarked on what you are pursuing. They may be able to give you some insight into what starting a clothing brand entails and they can be valuable sources of connectivity and information. Also, it's good to find people who can support you in your dreams while you support them also.

 6) Introduce Your Product to the World

This is where the marketing begins, after you’ve put the work in and turned your creativity into garments. This is just as important as the creating, because you have to let the world know what you have to offer. It’s a great idea to have been building some amount of a social media presence in the background whilst you’ve been creating your products. Using your own social media accounts in order to drop little hints about what you have coming, is a good tactic. Once you launch your clothing brand, you can go all out with promoting the beautiful designs which you have created. Also, it is important to contact lifestyle and fashion influencers/bloggers and other news outlets, in order to enlist their help with getting the word out about your clothing brand. Sending a few sample garments out and negotiating with influencers can possibly help get your creations the coverage which they need out in the wider world.

7) Think Like a Business Person Even If You Don’t Feel Like One

You may have a designer’s heart, with creativity coming out of your pores and this is great. However, you must also put on your business hat. Once you create something and put it up for sale, you are a business owner. Embrace this. If you think that you’re simply not great at the business side of things, then ask for help and learn as much as you can. This goes back to finding your village. When you have people around who have your back and who are willing to point you in the right direction, this is invaluable.  

8) Enjoy the Process

Enjoy the journey and the process of creating your clothing brand. Learn from it. Grow from it and you will improve as you go forward. And remember… enjoy the fact that you’ve started your very own clothing brand and seen your dream come true.

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