Friday, March 18, 2022

Film Spotlight: Nosferatu 100th Anniversary


One hundred years ago, the ground-breaking film Nosferatu was released and with its debut, it cemented its place in history and defined screen terror. The 1922 film continues to haunt audiences until this day.

There was a court order to destroy the film due to the wishes of Bram Stoker’s widow, as she saw Nosferatu as an unauthorised adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. She was successful in bringing the court order, however, some copies escaped destruction. As a result, some of the defining images of 20th century supernatural terror have survived. A decades-long search for the best surviving material and a re-recording of the original score by Hans Erdmann now allows us to see the film exactly as it premiered 100 years ago.


Nosferatu was directed by F.W. Murnau and features Max Schreck's unforgettable performance as the vampire Count Orlok. The actor gives a masterful and chilling portrayal through his cadaverous appearance, his movement, and his demeanour.

The story revolves around real estate agent Thomas Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim) and his wife Ellen (Greta Schröder). Hutter is sent to visit a new client, Count Orlok, who is interested in buying the house directly across the street from Hutter and his wife. On his travels, Hutter stops at an inn and when he mentions Count Orlok, the locals are beside themselves with fear. The reaction of the locals provides foreshadowing of the danger that awaits Hutter in dealing with Count Orlok. 

As a viewer and one who loves a spooky film, I thoroughly enjoyed this classic movie! The film had a continuously ghostly feel to it. The shadows and light played off each other exquisitely. As we watch this film, we get to see a film genre being created. This is the blueprint of horror films. 

There were several startling moments in the film, but I think that my favorite scene was when Count Orlok stood in the doorway, and he seemed to perfectly fill the space. He looked ominous. The doorway was tall with a pointed top, which mirrored Count Orlok’s tall frame and his slightly pointed head. This is the defining scene for me of this film and one that I will always recall when I think of Nosferatu. You can definitely sense that this is one of the most iconic moments in film. It was absolutely chilling!

In celebration of the centenary, Nosferatu will be returning to cinemas in the UK & Ireland throughout 2022.  

Screenings will be announced via

NOSFERATU 100th Anniversary Trailer

Friday, March 04, 2022

Happy 14th Blogiversary to the Yellow House


Today is my blog's 14th birthday, or blogiversary!

The Yellow House has made it to its second year of teenager-hood! Woohoo!

I know that it's Tumbleweed City around here sometimes, but I still have a great love for this space. Especially in the earlier years, I shared so much about my life as I tried to fit in in a new country, so this blog has a special place in my heart forever. Sometimes I'll come here as a reader of my own blog and I'll read about this woman from Georgia who came across the pond several years ago and I marvel at just how much has changed in my life and in the world. There is a comforting innocence when I go back to read from the earlier years of my blog. Even though I stumbled with adjusting quite a lot sometimes, looking back now, I see that those were still some of the sweetest days of my life. I never thought I'd say that (smile). There were some tough days back then, but little did I know that life would throw so many challenges my way. None of us ever know. I guess it's like they say though...that's life. 

This isn't meant to be a sad post or one of regret. It's not that at all. I guess that I'm at one of those points in my life when I'm pausing for a moment to look back briefly before I continue on my journey ahead. I guess that this pandemic has brought things into sharp focus for many of us. So I guess that what I'm trying to say is that I look back on some of the more innocent past times with gratitude in a way that I didn't appreciate before. And through this, it also makes me grateful for the beautiful things that I've experienced in my life and it leaves hope in my heart for beautiful things to happen now and onward (smile).

So I will continue writing here as I have off and on for fourteen years. As I've mentioned previously, I don't know if anyone reads my blog anymore since I'm so sporadic and nowadays there's social media, Netflix, and so much more for people to give their time to. However, if anyone still visits me here, I thank you gratefully (smile). And if I'm just talking (writing) to myself, well I imagine it makes a cool echo in here (smile).

I'll be back to write more, even though I don't know what to write about here anymore. Ha ha! I'll think of something though. I hope you'll join me just to see what I come up with. Thank you for reading this to the meandering end! Ha ha!

Happy 14th Birthday Yellow House....let's keep this going! Mwah!!💋