Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Guy They Call Sir !

Today I went out with Brit Boy again to see a client. He likes to have company when he goes out, so I go along. And also I just enjoy it because it gives me a chance to see further out into the countryside and see all of the other little villages around. I tell you, some of these places are just beyond belief. The best thing is to go down these narrow little roads that may or may not be paved and it leads to a tiny little village, complete with thatched cottages. And it is quite common for many of the cottages to date from the 1700s.

A lot of Wiltshire is green and lush and just gorgeous. We usually leave home early in the morning, so we are met by the sun, just starting to peek over the hills, and it sends light streaming through the trees. I am in awe as we drive along. There is nothing like coming around a narrow little lane that hugs one of the rolling hills and it leads down into a valley. More than once we have rounded the corner into a valley and straight ahead of us is a carpet of green that leads down to some lovely little village.

Today we went through the village of West Knoyle. As we approached the village, we were treated to one of those moments of sheer beauty. The little village of West Knoyle was nestled in the surrounding hills and was great to see. I will be posting a photo of the view coming into West Knoyle.

An interesting note also about this region is that West Knoyle is predictably next door to the village of East Knoyle. And East Knoyle is the birthplace of Sir Christopher Wren. He was the clever guy who designed St. Paul’s Cathedral along with over 50 other London churches. He was very influential in the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire.

So today I was a woman who was from another land, thoroughly enjoying this new land that I live in.

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