Friday, April 04, 2008

My Uphill and Downhill Walk

This morning I walked up to the High Street to pick up a few things at the grocery store and also to mail a card for a friend’s birthday back home. I don’t do this everyday, but from time to time I go up there to keep in touch with a bit of village life. The walk to the High Street for me is mostly uphill all the way, so I always get a workout when I take this trek. I am in pretty fair shape, but I must admit that I have broken into a sweat a few times even in winter. (laugh) It was semi-overcast when I walked up, so it wasn’t too hot or too cold. And I only got a slight “sheen” on my brow from the exertion.

I always love walking to the High Street because I get a chance to see the various cottages and houses in detail, more than I can see from the car. I get to see the gardens and little courtyards here and there between the houses that hide these magical little places where you can just imagine yourself sitting and relaxing. Most of the people that I see on the way to the High Street are usually elderly ladies or men going about their business, some pulling little carts behind them to gather groceries, and others following behind metal walkers to help guide their steps. But I always admire their spirit. They keep at it with life and don’t give up just because it is harder for them to get around. Their spirit reminds me of my own mother, although she was some years younger than most of the people I see on my walks. But I like those moments when things cause me to remember parts of her still, in my daily life.

When I arrived at the post office, I got my correct postage placed on my letter for the US and then dropped it into the big red mail box outside. After that, I walked around the corner to the grocery store. I usually dilly-dally for a bit and take a look at the magazines…today was no different. I gaze over the celeb magazines and then I look at what I call the horsey magazines. I call them horsey magazines because they talk about life for the whole horse-riding set here in the countryside. It is fun to take a look and take a peek into their lives. I guess we all like a bit of a nose around things like that. And even though there are lots of similarities of life between England and the US, there is just enough difference to keep my interest in learning about life here. So I figure that my curiosity is all in the name of understanding and that is a good thing in our world today.

Then I was off…back down that hill…starting to glisten with perspiration and thankful that it's all downhill from here. (smile)

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