Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back From London

Well Brit Boy and I are back home from our trip to London. It was great and even though it was only three and a half days, it seemed like about a week, in a good way. We were constantly on the go and we squeezed a lot in, so it seemed to go on and on and it was great. (smile) I have lots of news to share in the next few days. I have some pictures too. My few days in London with Brit Boy went from one extreme to another...from seeing two of my favorite actors on stage to the formality of the immigration office. And I have a bit of a tidbit to tell about the immigration office experience that wasn't so formal...namely the guy that interviewed me. He was cool.

So I will leave it here for now. I have to go through my photos and find some to share. And also Brit Boy and I are exhausted, so we are chilling out for a few days. I just wanted to check in, because I really appreciate anyone out there who is taking the time to read my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey my friend, I am so glad for you, that you had a nice three days from home and that the two of you have also enjoyed your stay in London.
I'll be coming back to read the rest.
Enjoy and chill out a bit. Don't forget to put photos as you promissed.

Dori said...

Hey Deana,
Yeah, it was great. A good break. Thanks for coming back to read. Have a great week!

Your friend,