Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back Home From London

I just wanted to check in and say that Brit Boy and I arrived home safely this afternoon from our London trip. Wimbledon and the Mandela concert were just extraordinary. I was planning on posting a bit about it this evening and then writing more in the next few entries, but alas, Brit Boy and I arrived home to find that our broadband has gone totally bonkers and we have been tinkering with it for hours now to no avail. Needless to say, we are baffled about what is going on with it. Right now I am connected up via wire and this has been going dodgy on us too, so please bear with me. The last time I posted, I promised to share with whomever is reading out there, what Brit Boy and I did over our swell trip to London and I feel bad that I can't deliver at this point. We are going to try to tinker with the broadband again tomorrow and then if that doesn't work, we will be seeking out a bit of help on Monday. So I just wanted to be forthcoming and to let you know that I value any readers of my blog that are out there, and that I am being sidelined for a bit here and not backing out on what I said that I would do. I will certainly be posting this week if we can get our current computer hassles worked out. But if not, please know that I will be sharing as soon as I can. Thanks for bearing with me. :-)

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