Monday, June 09, 2008

Barbeques and Adders

My weekend was varied. On Saturday, we slept in a bit, which was a nice change. For lunch, we went up to the “chippy” also known as the fish & chips shop, and picked up some...wait for & chips. (smile) We brought it back home and it was very tasty. I must say that I have become accustomed to having vinegar on my fish & chips now. Before, when I would have “fish and french fries” back home, I always had either a bit of ketchup or nothing on it. So I guess that it is sort of the old adage, when in Rome and all that. (smile) Of course, a lot of the time I straddle both traditions and have the vinegar along with a bit of ketchup, just to keep a good balance. (smile)

About an hour later, we received our delivery of groceries. Brit Boy and I both hate food shopping with a passion, so we pay a couple of extra pounds to have them delivered to us from a nice van right to our doorstep. And sometimes we pay nothing for the delivery, because they have vouchers in the store that you can pick up. Of course, the grocery fairies were working in our favor this week, because in the Saturday mail, we got vouchers for two free deliveries, so woohoo!!!! (smile)

Later that evening, Brit Boy was downstairs watching the football/soccer. It was the beginning of Euro 2008...the big football tournament that goes on until June 29th. He loves his football and I watch it now and then, but it is always a perfect time for us both to have some “me time” with ourselves. So he can watch his football and I go upstairs and either read or go and hang out with my laptop. I ended up watching a music show online that was really good.

In other news, the Chav-Bucks, who were previously mentioned in a much earlier entry, have sold their house and will soon be moving. We haven’t had any more run-ins with them since the time that I wrote about before. We do our thing and they do theirs and it has worked well that way. (smile) Brit Boy and I just get on with our lives. I just wanted to share that update.

On Sunday, we waited a while and then we got up in order to get our grass cut. We waited until about noon to mow the lawn so that we wouldn’t disturb anyone. We weren’t the only ones with grass cutting on our minds. Our neighbor across the way was out doing the same thing. While Brit Boy pushed the mower, I went to work in clipping back the bushes and pulling weeds. Near the end of our gardening, Brit Boy was on the back side of the fence and I came around inside the fence again to get something and what should I see, but a SNAKE!!!!! (laugh) Now, I am from Georgia, and we have plenty of snakes back there, but I must admit that I had been lulled into a false sense of security here about snakes. See, I had been told that they don’t really have snakes here...only little green garden snakes or sometimes a rare adder. So I had been pretty comfortable being outside doing the gardening. Well the snake that I saw was about ten to twelve inches long and about the girth of my index finger and I guess it was an adder. It didn’t really freak me out to see it, but it made me jump since I had just been weeding right where he was slithering. EEK!!! (laugh) I have a terrible, terrible fear of snakes. My sister back in Georgia is always telling me how envious she is of us that we “don’t have snakes here” even though I told her that they have little ones. So I shall have to tell her that I can now confidently say that there are snakes here. (smile)

In the afternoon, Brit Boy and I went to a barbeque. The weather has been glorious this past weekend and today too, so it was a prime time for a barbeque. It is so wonderful to see since we have had rain on top of rain for so long. It was gorgeous. Anyway, we went to this barbeque and it was my first British barbeque and here’s the is pretty much just like an American barbeque. (smile) Just kidding about being surprised. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting it to be different or the same or anything. I was just interested in going. And even if it had been extremely different that would have been fine with me. I don't go around expecting things to be just like home. I am here to experience my Brit Boy's culture and when we are back home in Georgia, he experiences mine. So it is all good. I am open to the new experiences that I have here and I just try to take it all in. Anyway, the food was good. We had burgers, hot dogs, sausages and various side dishes. It was a BYOB situation though. You had to bring your own drink, but that was cool. Brit Boy and I went along packing our own soft drink stash. Since he was driving and couldn’t drink, I stayed in solidarity with him and had virgin drinks too. (smile) It was a good time.

On today, Monday, I got up early as I always do. I had to go in to see the dentist today for my 6 months checkup. It was over pretty quickly. Brit Boy and I call this dentist “Speedy” because we have clocked him seeing both of us in under FIVE MINUTES!!! (laugh) I guess that speed is good to keep the flow going, but you have to talk really fast if you have an ache. He did a quick cleaning of my bottom teeth only and I was quickly sent out. I was glad that it was painless and all, but I didn’t get a mouth rinse and so I left his office and was walking down the sidewalk spitting for half a mile. (smile) He is a nice enough guy though, so I guess that I will be spitting down the sidewalk again in six months time. Of course that will be December, so it may hit the ground as ice pellets.

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