Monday, July 28, 2008

Baking With Brit Boy

My weekend was nice. We had some wonderfully warm, sunny weather here and Brit Boy and I were thrilled. We haven’t had much summery weather this year here, so we are overjoyed when we can get any. Even this morning it is quite warm and bordering on hot here, so it is great.

We ventured into town on Saturday to find new pillows for our bed. Our pillows had become rather worn down. They were made with this anti-allergy covering on them and after a while it had become fuzzy and shed this white fuzzy stuff, so we decided to get new pillows. We found some new pillows that don’t have that anti-allergy covering and they are quite comfortable. I still like the idea of the anti-allergy bed things, but the pillows that we had were just not very well made. I have had anti-allergy pillows before in my life that were fine, so we just simply had a couple of duds. (smile) I like our new pillows though and I think that we are already sleeping better just a couple of nights later.

On Saturday night, we watched “Inspector Morse”, which is a favorite mystery show that Brit Boy and I both enjoy. In fact, I used to watch “Inspector Morse” back home in the US years ago, before I ever knew Brit Boy. And unbeknownst to me, he was over here in Britain being a fan too. Who knew? (smile) The show ended a while back, but is still shown in re-runs. Then after that, we watched, the movie, “The Shining”, which is a favorite of ours.

On Sunday, we hung out around home and enjoyed the sunshine out in the back yard. We watched TV and just chilled out. Brit Boy is finished with his school for the summer, so we took full advantage of school being out for him, by relaxing on the couch. We plan to do more outings now that he has a break from school, but this weekend we just took a breather and chilled on the sofa. We just hope that the weather continues to be nice. We are hoping to get a couple of trips to the beach in as well as having some daytrips. Running around Wiltshire and the Cotswolds should be fun if the weather stays nice. I will share any photos that I take here on my blog. So watch this space. (smile)

Anyway, later on Sunday, long after we had had dinner, we both got a taste for something snacky…preferably cake or cookies. We didn’t have anything ready-made, so we decided to make something from scratch using what we had in our cupboards. Here’s the funny bit, we started out using a recipe for chocolate cookies, but it didn’t look right, so I just kept adding flour and brown sugar whilst Brit Boy handled the mixer. Brit Boy was really into it. He likes mixing things. (smile) Then I pulled out the muffin tin and we ended up making chocolate cupcakes/muffins that were very tasty. We didn’t have a lot of cocoa left to put into the bowl, so the cakes turned out sort of milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate, but they tasted so good. So leave it to us to use a dark chocolate cookie recipe in the beginning and come out with a milk chocolate cupcake/muffin in the end. (laugh)

Here’s a photo of our yummy cake. The top of the cake here looks darker, but inside the cake is very light and milk chocolate- looking, but either way they were good. We were gluttons and ate three a piece at about 9:30pm last night. (laugh) So I took this photo before they are all gone.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, making cake instead of cookies! I guess it's basically the same ingredients -- just the cake batter needing to be a little...runnier. Looks delicious. :)

Thanks for commenting on my BlogHer post today!

Dori said...

Thanks Zandria for coming to my blog and commenting. And yeah, you are right about the batter. Our batter looked kind of runny so that's when I decided to stick it in a muffin pan. (laugh)It was an adventure. A great way to spend a Sunday evening.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to stop by your blog and hello. I am from Atlanta, but have been in Cornwall with my Englishman for the last couple of months. We have a few things to sort out concerning the whole visa thing, but I am loving my time here with him. I'd love a chance to email you directly. If you go to my blog you'll find an email link at the bottom of the first page.

Your blog is great! There's so much info about your life here in the UK. BTW, I have a theatre degree and have spent some time in front of the camera myself.

Glad to find you.


Elizabeth Harper said...

Me again...hope to hear from you.


Dori said...

Hi Elizabeth,
It is good to connect with you, my fellow Georgian. (smile)I know that you must be thoroughly enjoying your time in Cornwall. It is gorgeous down there. The coastline is breathtaking. I have emailed you and look forward to hearing back from you. It's so cool that you have a theatre kinda all things theatre!!! Can't wait to hear about your on camera experiences. I love your blog and the photography is stunning. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Talk to you soon.