Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On A Ride to Salisbury

Today I tagged along with Brit Boy to Salisbury again. I always like going down there. It was a rainy day though, but it was still a fun trip out. Here are some pics from our journey.

The photos above are of a lush, green meadow on the way down there and the winding road we traveled down. It was so peaceful. The road is straight down a hill at some points, so it is like a rollercoaster ride.

Today was market day in Salisbury. Here are photos of part of the market and a nice street scene. Salisbury has some neat little shops. Check it out in the photos below.

On the way back home, we passed by Stonehenge. Sometimes when you live in a place, you kind of get used to things and don't see the fantastic things around you. We ride past Stonehenge quite a lot and I catch myself sometimes not looking at it. Then I remind myself and say, "Wait, that was Stonehenge, pay attention." (smile) So whenever we ride past there, it is a opportunity to check in with myself and to not let the experience of life pass me by. Below is a photo of Stonehenge in the distance and another photo rather close up that shows us speeding past, because you can't slow down on that highway. So the image is rather blurred, but you get the idea. (smile)


Mike Golch said...

great photos. I find it amazing when I see the pistures of stomehenge.

Bombchell said...

gosh wow great photos. expat. hmm im an expat, its just so weird to think of myself as that. lol you know, when your way from home for a while, u become a bit of a stranger to both places =/

Lux said...

Actually, I love that slightly blurred image of Stonehenge - makes it look mysterious! (Well, more mysterious than it already is.) :)

Anonymous said...

I used to drive past Stonehenge pretty well every day for six months - and I've neither a picture of it, nor have I ever visited. It's exactly what you say - you get so used to things that you don't see them.

Dori said...

I'm glad that you liked the photos. Stonehenge is an amazing place. I love going there. It's kinda like you feel like you can't believe that you are actually there looking at it.

I'm glad that you liked the photos too. I can totally relate to what you are saying about the expat thing. You do find yourself feeling foreign to both places. It's an odd feeling sometimes. :-)
Thanks for visiting me.

Yeah, the blurred image is cool. It is my favorite too. It kind of looks like ghosts or something are nearby. It does magnify the mystery of the place. Thanks for visiting.

You do get used to things indeed. I have been here about two and a half years now and I find myself getting used to things more and more. It's amazing how humans adapt. Thanks for visiting.

Dori :-)

Lidian said...

You live in an amazing part of England - I went to a Landmark Trust in Salisbury to stay once and it was gorgeous! You are really lucky...I love your blog!

Dori said...

Yes, I am lucky to live in Wiltshire. There is so much lovely countryside to see and as you mentioned, Salisbury is great. I love going to the area near the cathedral. It is like stepping back in time. One of my fave memories is going to Salisbury this past Christmas for a carol service. It was beautiful to hear the music ring out around that gorgeous cathedral. I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog so much.:-) I love yours too. The stories are so interesting. I love things like that. Thanks for stopping by again.

Dori :-)

Anonymous said...

We took the train from London to Salisbury once and we always look back on it as being almost surreal, it was just so gorgeous. Thanks for the photo reminder today.

Dori said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the pics and the reminder. It is a beautiful place. :-)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Man, I wish I lived near something as cool as Stonehenge. All I get is a weird spaceship -- and that's only if I go East, toward Mars.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place. I live in Alabama. Most say we are "red neck" but the area in which I live is 80% newcomers due to the space program, missile defense, etc. I wanted to say that because my area is beautiful. We are at the foothills of the mountains. We have many rolling hills. I can only imagine the views you have seen.


wow, wow, wow! I cannot believe you live there right by Stonehenge and those pictures are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Wish I was there! Your Salisbury is a lot nicer than the one I live near. ;)

Dori said...

LOL. You are funny. Hey, we also get crop circles out this way too, so you never know who is visiting from outer space. ;-)

I'm from Georgia and I love the south so I know how pretty it is. :-) I think it is so cool that you live at the foothill of the mountains. What a view you have. A lot of the time, even though they are different, I will often be at places here in the countryside and it reminds me of the landscape back home. :-)

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
I'm glad you liked the photos. There is also a place called Avebury here in Wiltshire that is like Stonehenge, with lots of stones, but they are all in lines. I will keep sharing what I see here. :-)

Breeni Books,
Funny you should say that. When we were in Salisbury the other day, I noticed on the sign for the town that they are sister cities with Salisbury, North Carolina. :-)

Unknown said...

Really? Ours still isn't as cool. We need to work on getting a Stonehenge, lol.

Dori said...

Breeni Books,
Yeah, it was so cool when I saw that about the sister city. :-)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful and the rain gives them an eerie look, your site is great!

Dori said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures and like my site. :)You and I are on the same page, I love the eerie rainy or cloudy photos too. It gives such atmosphere. Thanks for stopping by.

Chichiboulie said...

Beautiful! I lived in Surrey on the Hampshire border for 4+ years and we often when to Salisbury and Stonehenge. Gorgeous countryside and villages!

Dori said...

Yes, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Surrey are lovely. I do love the countryside. :-)