Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7 Things About Me

I have been tagged by my bloggy buddy Jewelry Rockstar to tell 7 things about me. This is my first tagging like this, so I’m excited. :-) Here it goes.

#1 – When I was in middle school, I was tapped into the Junior Beta Club. This is as, the name implies, the junior version of the National Beta Club. It’s an academic achievement society. I mentioned being "tapped in" when I was in middle school. Well in my school, they had us in an assembly and had us to put our heads down on the table and then they came around and tapped you if you were being taken into the club. Well, they didn’t really tell us what we were doing or perhaps I was talking to my friend at the time. So it was all a surprise to me. :-) And as a kid, who knows about these things? LOL. Anyway, I got tapped and for a moment I was kind of puzzled and thought that I was on the way to the principal’s office or something. LOL. I still remember my momentary panic. But I was cool on the outside though and followed the girl up to the front of the room. So I used to be a brainy kid…now, I’m just beautifully average. LOL. ;-) My pin and certificate are somewhere in storage.

#2 – I played the flute when I was a teenager and I won a few ribbons in competitions. I just took to it like a duck to water. However, I haven’t played in a long while now. I have to pick this up again. Might be fun. :-)

#3 – This week I have been getting back on track with my fitness. I worked out today and even though it is hard to start, I felt better after I finished. I am even cutting back on drinking the sodas. That is tough…eek! :-) I'm am such a soda fiend. I just had some green tea, so I am on my way to doing better.

#4 – I have been growing my hair out over the past year or so. I've been wearing my hair closely cropped for about ten years, so for a change of pace, I am now sporting longer, wavy curls.

#5 – I love watching TV shows and movies about ghosts and haunted places. I just don’t want to see a ghost though…I would probably break my neck trying to run away. LOL.

#6 – I am about nine months older than my husband, Brit Boy, so I love to call him, “My Younger Man” ;-)

#7 – I love to read and I love to write… I love my books. So one day I hope to walk into a store and see my book on the shelf.

There you have it. I scratched my head a lot, but I finally came up with seven. Now I’m going to pass this on and tag some others out there. They are:

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Unknown said...

Well it is always nice to learn more about my blogging friends! Thanks for sharing. That tapping in thing is funny because there was actually a game like that called 7-up.
I was also in the the band in school!
Thanks for tagging me, I'll get it done sometime today since it's a slow blogging day!

Unknown said...

Alright I will play along one day this week. I love reading memes it is great way to get to know each other better.

Politi Gal said...

You cougar(#6)you! :)

Elizabeth Harper said...

I played at the flute in middle school...I wanted to play the drums, but they only had a slot for one drummer and they gave it to a boy!

I'm a fiend for the supernatural too. I love the TV show "Medium" and some of the others that have been on in the past.

It's nice to learn more about you.

What kind of books do you want to see on the shelf written by you?

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm eight months older than the Tour Manager. And yes, I rub it in, too.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Dori thank you. This sounds like fun. I'll do it as soon as I can. Milena

T.Allen said...

I giggled about your younger man! That's cute. I so wanted to play flute...I can't recall why I didn't but I don't regret ballroom dance (what I ultimately took) I continued to dance until my 26th year! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.

Margaret said...

Funny how many things we have in common... I played the flute too and was in Junior Beta (we didn't do the cool tapping thing though.) Thanks for sharing and for giving me the opportunity to as well. It should be a fun break activity from reading for class.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Thanks Dori. I feel like I know you a little better, you nerd you:) This was great.

Mike Golch said...

your item # 6 is good.I'm 3 years older than my Celestine so I married a younger woman.

Unknown said...

Mine is up!

Anonymous said...

Well, you didn't have to tell me about the 'brainy' thing...I already knew. :-)

Nice to learn more about you.

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for the tag, Dori, it's cool to be thought of!

By the way, I completely agree - younger men are the way to go!

Ivanhoe said...

I love your #6. I am actually 360 days older than my hubby. Our BD is just 5 days appart :o)

Mystery Man said...

I was in Beta Club in high school, too. Learned flute in college...kinda have to if you're going to be a band director...lol

Good to learn things about those in the blogging communtity. I may do one of these myself soon.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on number 7 :) I would have loved to learn to play the flute. I miss playing the piano. It's been so long since I played I don't think I can do it anymore.


How fun to learn about you and now I feel like I know you better! Thanks for the tag it is so fun and I have put it up on my site!

Gypsy at Heart said...

Yesterday I forgot to say that I hope to see a book by you on bookshelves too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dori,

Your old friend here, Deana.

I see you have lots of comments on your posts and a steady audience. Great!!!!.
Good for you girl.

Yesterday I've posted a message for you at the WIM-site and I think you should look at LaTease's post of today at this WIM-site. This post can be very intersting for you too.

Please give my regards to Brit Boy and I hereby send you a big virtual hug.


Dori said...

You're right, it is good to learn more about our blogging friends. Yeah, the tapping thing back in the day was funny. I still laugh at my reaction til this day. :-) And I love that you were in band too.

I look forward to reading your seven things. :-)

Politi Gal,
Uh huh, just call me Ms. Cougar...prrr....LOL ;-)

We keep having all of these things in common, even down to wanting to play the drums. LOL. I love Medium too and Ghost Whisperer and any of those shows where they go ghost-hunting. :-) As far as my author aspirations, well, I love fiction and I have written short stories before that placed in honorable mention in contests years ago. But I hope to be more proactive and get back on that track that I was on. Thanks for asking. :-)

You are like me. :-) Sometimes when I don't feel like going to do something, I'll pull the older card on Brit Boy and say, "Since you are younger and more bouncy, can you get this or that...?" LOL.
We both end up laughing about it.

Gypsy at Heart,
I hope you enjoy doing your seven and I look forward to reading yours. :-)

T. Allen-Mercado,
Yeah, I have fun calling him that. :-) I think that your ballroom dancing sounds way cooler than my flute. I always wanted to do that. I love the outfits and the passion and the sexiness!

It is amazing that we all have so much in common. I wondered if other Betas did the tapping too. I hope you enjoy your seven and I look forward to reading it. :-)

Jewelry Rockstar,
Thanks for giving me this to do. And honey, I only wish that my nerd thing had lasted into my adulthood more and then I'd be rich right now like Bill Gates. LOL. But alas, soon after my Beta Club years, I filled out and discovered boys. LOL. Maybe there's still hope though and I can resurrect my inner nerd. ;-)This seven things list was so fun to do. :-) Thanks for tagging me. You are great.

It is fun to be the 'older' one, isn't it. You can always pull rank that way. :-)

Can't wait to read yours! :-)

It takes one to know one and I thing your brainy thing leaves mine in the dust. :-) Your site so tells the story. I'm so glad to get to know you. :-)

Fitness Diva,
I'm so glad that I had the chance to tag you. I love your blog. :-) And yeah, those younger men are great. :-)

I see you are a member of the younger man club. That is cool that you're right there together with your birthdays. :-)

Mystery Man,
Another Beta Clubber...wow. It is cool to learn about others in the blogging community. It makes me feel the truth in that saying that we are all more alike than we are different. :-) Thanks for visiting me.

Thanks for your good luck wishes. I have always wanted to play the piano. I know what you mean about not playing for a while. I hope to pick up a flute again one of these days. :-)

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
I'm glad you enjoyed my seven. I had such fun, I may do another one just out of the blue. It made me think about stuff that I haven't thought about in years. I will be visiting you to see your list. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Gypsy at Heart,
Awww, thanks for the vote of confidence. That means so much to me. You are great. :-)

Dori said...

Hey Deana,
I will definitely check out the post. I will tell Brit Boy you said hello. And thanks friend for the big virtual hug. I send one back to you for sure. :-)

The Silver Age Sara said...

I enjoyed all your facts. I'm very impressed to learn you played the flute. I sure wish I had musical skill.
You write beautifully. Your blog is always warm and welcoming. Hopping over to your blog is really like visiting a dear friend so I wouldn't be at all surprised to read a book written by you. You have great skill.
Thanks for tagging me :)

Anonymous said...

Argh...I've been cutting back on the sodas as well. It's very difficult to do. Best of luck!

Dori said...

Mountain Woman,
I used to love playing the flute. I'm going to have to pick it up again just for the pleasure. :) Thanks so much for your compliments and encouragement on my writing...that means a lot coming from a writer like you. I feel the same about visiting your blog...it's always welcoming there and serene. I'm so glad you feel the same when you visit me my friend. :) Have a great weekend!

I have to say amen to that. It is difficult to cut back on the sodas. I managed it somewhat while I was sick, but now that I am up out of bed, it's hard not to go have a sip of one. :-) Best of luck to you too.