Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Guess what, even though I am well past the fever that I had and I generally feel a lot better, I still have a rather raspy voice. And you know what? I kinda like it. (a raspy) LOL. It makes me sound all sophisticated and film noir-esque. I also thought that it is cool for Halloween. If we have any trick or treaters, I can put on a mask and have the raspy voice to go with it :-) So I’m keeping my sense of humor with it all and am just glad that my throat doesn’t affect my hands, so I can type :-)

Anyway, enough of my sickly tales ;-)

I posted before about National Breast Cancer Month and featured my t-shirts. So I just thought that I would add another post about what I do to keep tabs on myself. Breast cancer awareness and research are so important to the lives of women and men, so I wanted to highlight it again.

I mentioned in my previous post that this month always reminds me to be more vigilant in checking myself, so I am recommitting myself to using all that I have available. I thought that I would share something with you that I do. In addition to doing the normal breast self-exam, I have recently been using another tool also. It’s a breast self-examination glove. It’s not a new development, and I figure that some of you already have one or have heard of them, but for anyone who doesn’t know, here is a photo. Mine came in this little pink gauzy pouch which my girly side really loves :-)

And here’s a photo of the glove on my hand.

It has a gel-like substance in it, and when you use it, the gel is between your hand and your breast. So in addition to doing a regular self-exam, I use this also. It magnifies the fingertip’s sensitivity and reduces the friction on the skin, so I find that it is a great addition to my self-checks. Mine also came with an instructional DVD.

I just wanted to share this bit of information about something that I use in my life. I'm no doctor and I'm certainly not passing on advice here, but I wanted to share what I do, just to share, just because :-) I bought mine here at Lloyds Pharmacy, but they are sold other places here in the UK as well as back home in the US. Here are links to some of the places that sell them, that I have found online:

Lloyd's Pharmacy

Bath & Body Works

So as we come to the last few days of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I just wanted to highlight this once more. This cause is so important and this disease robs us of so many people every day. Please check out the button on my sidebar, from thebreastcancersite.com . They are doing great work to help. And please join me in keeping up with self-exams all the year round, during every month :)


Elizabeth Harper said...

I have never seen one of those before.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Glad you're on the mend. You're not going to be Darth Vader for Halloween are you?

HeyShae! said...

I didn't know these existed. It is probably great for people who have not yet started self-exams and don't know what they are looking for.

Sara said...

My office ust walked the Race for the Cure Sunday. It was a wonderful time.

The Silver Age Sara said...

That was really interesting seeing the glove. It's wonderful technology keeps advancing to help us stay well. Thanks for posting the links where we can buy one of the gloves.
I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Unknown said...

This is a great post. I never heard of this glove before. Perhaps I need to invest in one too.

Dori said...

This makes me feel good that I could share this especially since you've never seen one before :-)

And hey, I'm gonna be Darth Vader for sure with this voice...LOL

I think that's a great idea to use them for people who aren't used to doing self-exams yet. It does help you to get a more direct feel. Thanks for adding that tip and for visiting me :-)

That's great that you did the Race for the Cure. It must have been amazing! :-)

Mountain Woman,
It is amazing to see the helpful technology that they come up with and the beauty of this is that it is a simple design and can help so much :) Thanks for dropping by on your croaky-voiced friend. LOL.

I'm glad that you enjoyed my post and that I could share this glove with you :) This is what I love about blogging...the sense of community and helping :-)

The Fitness Diva said...

I know, don't you just love the sexy, raspy voice you get in that healing stage of a sore throat? I always hope fot it to stay! I'd make some good voice over money with that throaty voice! ;)

Glad to hear you're feeling better. You just reminded me that I need to work on my costume before next week!
Yikes! I'd better get busy!

Thanks for posting about Breast Cancer Awareness month. I had an aunt that died from it. We can never do too much.

Take care!

Dori said...

Fitness Diva,
So true...I can also sing better when I have the raspy voice. LOL. Thanks for the well wishes.

You are right. We can never do too much to highlight breast cancer awareness.

Mike Golch said...

Even though I did not name you as one of the recipents of my award that I'm giving it away to,I want you to have it as well! so please gome and grab it for your blog.

Dori said...

Thanks so much for the award. You are so sweet to add me to your list too. I will come by and pick it up :-)