Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Great Moment

I am so overjoyed today! (smile) I am so excited that Senator Barack Obama is now our President-elect. Brit Boy and I stayed up until well after 6am UK time just to soak all of the coverage in. All of yesterday, I was like a lot of people…cautiously optimistic about the outcome. As the electoral votes kept ticking upwards, I got more and more on edge. And then, at the moment when they announced him the winner, I immediately wept and looked over at my mother’s photo on the table right next to me. I thought….what an amazing moment Mom, huh? (smile) I had such a head rush like someone had compressed my head and then let go. There was such a rush of relief like I can’t describe fully. I felt exhilarated along with everyone else and I am so proud of this moment in our history. (smile)

We were watching the coverage from back home online and watching another channel on television too. A powerful moment for me was when Mr. Obama was declared the winner and they were showing the crowds going crazy with excitement on one side of the screen and on the other side they had those who worked during the Civil Rights Movement. It felt like a full circle moment. And it was an amazing moment for all citizens. When I saw the faces in the crowds in Chicago, New York, and all over, with the beautiful variations in skin tones and ages, I felt the true beauty of humanity. It made me cry over and over again. I am so proud of my fellow citizens…we are all Americans standing together from every background! And now we stand once again with the world. I am inspired and I feel like from today on, I can do anything. (smile)


Elizabeth Harper said...

It is a thrilling day!

I was up until 5:30 blogging and watching. I wasn't even sure I had written a coherent piece when I posted " Final Approach" at 3:30 am.

Then when I crawled out of bed four hours after I'd closed my eyes, I had to write one more as I thought about how I wished his mother and grandparents could have seen him win. That's where "New Beginnings" came from...thinking about his mother.

What a day!

neferiti said...

Yes what a day. History is forever changed!

T.Allen said...

What an exciting event. I'm really moved how so many people, from all over, came together in support of Barack Obama. After the painstaking campaign process and mudslinging, the finale restored much of what faith was lost in America and the American people. In fact, I've a new found faith in those outside America in their show of support for all of our futures.

Ivanhoe said...

Last night was one to remember! I was still on cloud nine this morning and could not wipe that smile off of my face :o)

Unknown said...

I understand your excitement! I had all but given up hope on this country until last night. It's nice that we can finally face the rest of the world again.


My wish came true! This is truly a wonderful and beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

It is an amazing, wonderful thing. I can't wait for him to be sworn in -- can it happen early??? ;)

English Advantage said...

It is an exciting time to be an American. And so many of my friends here [in Kazakhstan] are excited.

Incidentally I was a little disappointed because BBC World is the only foreign news station we get and I thought they wouldn't cover the election fully, but for the past 36 hours it's been about all they have been showing.

Anonymous said...

don't forget Ms Dori you and Brit Boy are invited to partake in the real party on Jan 20th.

we're gonna have a funky good time, so wear ya kitten heels.

see y'all at the ball babies

Gypsy at Heart said...

Yes we can. For how long that refrain has been repeated one would think we'd have grown tired of it Dori but the opposite is true. I felt so empowered yesterday watching Obama win. It was amazing. I cried and cried as I heard him throughout his acceptance speech. What a moving moment. I shall never forget it. Congratulations fellow citizen!

Anonymous said...

I'm still in shock, really. All I can say is, "What a relief." I was getting so tired of all the "gotcha" commercials and the fighting. I truly believe that the better man won. The only thing "exclusion" will do is cause us to perish as fools. I'm happy that Barack practices inclusion; it's soooo refreshing. God, it's so refreshing. My husband and I took the day off to celebrate and reflect.

Unknown said...

It was a truly momentous night and history took a definite turn! Times ahead will of course be hard, probably harder for this President than for any other, but he could not have won were it not God's will for this time.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the nice comment Dori and I love your Blog too, that is why I chose to follow you, I don't want to miss a thing, lol! Please stop by when you can and again thank you.

My Inspired Reality said...

Yes, "hope" is back and alive again in America:)

Chris said...

yupe. Its a very good, very good change. Times can only get better now! wa hoo!

Vodka Mom said...

It WAS an incredible moment! I am still tearing up when I watch the snippets on t.v. My faith in our country has been restored!!!

The Fitness Diva said...

As I watch him go about these first few days, he seems to have it well in hand. Right now, the world is in love with him, from Kenya to Japan and beyond. Now, who else would have elicited such a response from the ENTIRE world? No one. Certainly not McCain.
He is meant to do great things, no d0ubt about it. I can't wait until he begins to prove all the naysayers wrong!

The Silver Age Sara said...

Yes, it was an inspiring day. I have hope again for our country.

Dori said...

LOL. You sound like me, I was in a daze by the time I finally went to bed, but I was on cloud nine when I woke up later after only two hours sleep. I agree, I wish that the ones who raised him could have seen him win, and it broke my heart for him that his grandmother passed the day before. I'm so glad his grandmother got a chance to cast a vote for him before she passed away. What a wonderful man they raised :)What a day!

History has changed for sure :-)

Yes, the coming together is just what kept making a lump in my throat. It showed us as a country at our very best. We are in this together as you said, as Americans and as a planet :-)

I'm so glad you are smiling my friend...what a great reason :-)

Breeni Books,
I think this restored a lot of hope in a lot of people for better days ahead and created newfound hope in so many too. It's a great feeling :-)

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
I love how you wish my friend :) This is a great time to be alive.

I'm with you...what a 'warm' January day that will be :)

English Advantage,
It is an exciting time and it certainly makes life easier as an expat ;-) It's good to have some good news for once in a long while :)

Re Ausetkmt,
I would absolutely LOVE that! Oh how I wish we could come over. You have a fab time for me darling. Brit Boy and I will whoop it up over here and do our best to have a funky good time that day! And gotta put on those kitten heels ala the new First Lady ;-)

I know what you mean, we keep saying Yes We Can and Obama ’08 off and on. It hasn’t got old yet. It was a moving moment and we will never forget it. Congrats back fellow citizen!

I share your relief…I was cautiously optimistic all day. The inclusion is so refreshing and that’s the kind of world I want to live in :) I loved it when he spoke about bringing in the people who didn’t vote for him. I thought that was great.

I agree…he has an awesomely huge task ahead, but as you said, this was all meant to be. I believe in him. Now we can all stand behind him :-)

Thanks for becoming a follower. I am so thrilled to have so many wanting to read what I write. I will definitely be visiting you again :)

Kala Pohl Studio,
Hope certainly is back! :)

Absolutely :-)

Vodka Mom,
You and I are alike, I tear up when I see that moment and when I see the people with such hope on their faces. Humanity at its best :)

Fitness Diva,
He has inspired hope the world over and that’s a beautiful thing. We need some good vibes out there. This restored my hope so much. I am just so ready for much better days for all :)

Mountain Woman,
Yes, me too. Hope is a beautiful thing…it can be contagious :)

Sarah said...

Well, I know it is some years later as with many of my comments but I want to leave one just the same. I certainly remember almost being ashamed to be American during the Bush years. Not of my country, but of what he did to our reputation in much of the world's eyes. But I see I don't need to explain that.

And now, all these years later, I am still just as proud of our president and country. All the people trying to tear him down miss that he is genuinely doing so much for the greater good, especially with the healthcare plan. He is doing a fine job, especially in the face of so much opposition.

Dori said...

I'm with you! I'm still proud of President Obama and I love our country. The people who have tried to tear him down from day one have their motives, but he just keeps going and I like that about him. His presence in the White House is doing so much good and it will pay dividends as history goes forward.