Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow in the Countryside

I wanted to share some photos that I took on Thursday on the way to Salisbury. Brit Boy and I were heading down there for a meeting. As I wrote about on Wednesday, we have been having some very frosty mornings. So when we headed out on Thursday morning, it was icy again. As we drove further out into the countryside towards Salisbury, we saw that it had snowed a tiny bit. We had heard on the radio that some areas got snow, but we didn’t. So it was a wonderful sight to see the dusting of snow across the fields. I just love being out where I can see the land and enjoy the beauty of nature.

All of these photos were taken from the car, so they have a cool blurry quality. I like to see how they will come out, so I just snap away as Brit Boy drives along. I love having a chance to share some of them with you all.

The first one is of a lone black bird sitting in the middle of the snowy field. I love the contrast :-)

This next one is the view across a field. On either side of the road, there’s a wonderful panoramic view.

I love this spot. You drive down the hill and off to the left there’s a drop off into a valley.

Here’s a view of Salisbury Cathedral’s spire in the distance as we drove into Salisbury. This spire is the tallest one in the United Kingdom. It is a beautiful building and is a beautiful sanctuary.

On our way back from Salisbury, I took a couple of more photos of the surroundings. By then, the thin layer of snow had melted. We came back through Avebury. Here is a line of some of the huge stones. It is reminiscent of Stonehenge, but these at Avebury are more spread out.

This last photo is of one of the larger stones that is placed very close to the road. It almost looks as if we are headed right for it, but we weren’t. It just came out weird like that. I saw the stone coming and I turned around in my seat a bit and just kind of snapped it as we passed by. I didn't know if I would get it or not.

It was a fun ride! :-)


Kathy said...

Great pictures...I enjoyed the tour.

Anonymous said...

Wow nice country place. Feels like I was there :)
By the way, I hope you will have the time to share this tag with me


Dori said...

I'm glad you enjoyed coming along :)

Yep, I love the country and wide open spaces like that. I'm glad that I could share :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dori!
I can feel the chill in those photos. Wow, that's one BIG rock. Seems you guys have lots of curvy roads there.

The Silver Age Sara said...

The photos of the countryside are so beautiful. I love the beautiful stones.

Martin MY said...

Lovely little tour there, when do the picture postcards come out?

The Fitness Diva said...

Very nice scenes!

I love the countryside. So beautiful! Always takes me back to my childhood when I used to visit the grandparents in North Carolina!:)

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

I saw your name at a comment on another blog. I wanted to let you know my daughter's name is Dori too!

Ivanhoe said...

Beautiful pics, Dori. The stones are amazing.
Next time you have to tell Brit Boy to stop the car for a few minutes so you can enjoy the scenery and take more pics ;o)


oohhh! I love these pictures and make me want to get on a plane and head there. Those big stones are so spectacular!

Dori said...

Yeah, some of those rocks are HUGE! Some are twice the size of the one in the photo :-) It is very curvy and hilly out there, so it makes great photos :)

Mountain Woman,
The stones are great. It's an interesting experience to touch the stones. They are just massive and it just amazes you that they got them there :)

Glad you enjoyed my tour and in the future I may just do that :)

Fitness Diva,
Yep, the countryside takes me back too. Those are some of my best memories :) I'm glad it made you reminisce too.

Oh wow! That's neat :) And thanks for visiting me.

I'm so glad you like the pics. Yeah, it would be such a different thing to take some pics standing outside of the car ;-)

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
Glad you love the pics. I think it would be great if you could come over one of these days and see the massive stones yourself. You can touch these in Avebury :-)

Roz said...

Visiting Avebury used to be our favourite day out when we lived in Berkshire. We would walk all the way around the stones - a nice walk up and down hills but not too far!! It's great that you can see the stones close up and even touch them (unlike Stonehenge). Then, we'd go to the Stones vegetarian cafe/restaurant (which sadly is no longer there) and have a cream tea. We'd have a look around the cool shops in the village before going home. Happy memories!

Best wishes,


Dori said...

Yeah, Avebury is a wonderful place. It has a nice slow pace and I love that you can wander as much as you want. Thanks for visiting my blog:)