Monday, January 26, 2009

On Patience

Just an update, we’ve gone three nights now without the honking of our car alarm I’m happy to report :-) I’m still not sleeping soundly as usual yet, because I’m expecting it to start all the noise again. I’m crossing my fingers that we’re in the clear. But I imagine it will float out of my mind the more days we go without incident. So it’s all good. I didn’t realize how much it had freaked me out the first time it happened. Anyway, that anxiety will pass and it’s onward and upward :-)

We should be seeing some action with our shower getting fixed tomorrow. Thank goodness. One of my dear bloggy friends said that I have the patience of Job in dealing with this :-) I tell you, my hubby and I have had our moments when we really have been ticked off by this whole ridiculous situation and we’ve let their office know it. We seem to always run into supreme red tape in dealing with things through them. I think it’s just that we have to go through a third party to get to our landlord, so there is a lot of dropping the ball. We know these people so well now ;-) It’s almost comical. LOL. Brit Boy and I always joke about us developing the patience of Job in dealing with these people, so I laughed when I read my bloggy friend’s comment :-) I’m just glad that our perseverance has seemingly paid off.

I thought about that word… ‘patience’ and how it has cropped up in our life together as well as individually. I think about how Brit Boy and I had to be really patient in waiting to be together, simply because we had been born an ocean apart. We spent lots of time apart and sometimes it felt like we were never going to see each other again. There were many, many, many partings at airports that make me shudder when I think about them. But loads and loads of patience got us through those times. When we have to go through a million hoops with our landlord it often reminds us of our life the past few years, as we’ve worked on being together. Sometimes we feel like we are in the perpetual hoops zone…lol. So I guess that I’ve got to the point in my life where I’m seeing all of this as a huge lesson in patience for me. I’ve rushed through so many things and emotions in my life in the past, so now I laugh when I see myself in action, a bit more mellowed out :-)

Of course sometimes I just say, “forget that”, and I let it rip. LOL. I guess I’m a work in progress…aren’t we all (wink). I think a balance between both is where I am now and that may be the best for me.

So I wondered about how others feel about this. Do you find yourself more patient now or less patient as you age? Do you find that a happy medium is best for you? Or do you say, to heck with patience? I’d love to hear what you have to say :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dori,
My ESP must be working again. LOL Anyway, I'm sooo thankful that I am becoming more patient as the years keep racing past. Sure, every once in a while I'll need a stiff drink to keep my emotions steady, but for the most part..."let the chips fall where they may" is what I usually say. :-)

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

God bless you. I have the patience of a small child who hasn't had a nap:) Try ear plugs... they do help me.

Ivanhoe said...

It definitely gets better with age. I'm more melow than I ever was. My hubby, on the other hand, has a long way to go :o)

Anonymous said...

From a teen to the age of maybe 27 I can honestly say I had the patience of job. But then something changed and I lost it for awhile. Any small thing set me off into a panic. Then in 2005 Hurricane Katrina kicked me out of my home town and quietly the patience returned. With prayer I have learned to hold on to my patience, but there are rare moments when the New Orleans comes out in me. LOL

Bob and Jenn Peacock said...

Hi Dori! I hope your troubles are behind you. My patience isn't any different. It does differ day to day though. Sometimes I can control it well while others I just can't seem to. Hang in there!

Kathy said...

I have always had a lot of patience. I think when we lose our cool, the only person we are really hurting is ourself. There are so many serious things going on in the world and in our lives that I try very hard not to fret or get upset over little things that really don't mean a whole lot.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. If someone pulls out in front of me and I start to get mad, I tell myself that maybe something bad just happened to them, or their mind is someone who is ill.

Life is too short to be angry.


It is a mix. I have more patience for some things and far less for others. You are very patient though-far more than I would have been.

Unknown said...

Fortunately I don't have landlord problems as I'm a house owner. But trying to sell in orde to move and be where I want to be is trying my patience. I was also close to losing it a few times this weekend when I was caring for my granddaughter. Trying to get her ready to go anywhere was a nightmare. She's so mischievous, she'd just evade me giggling away. Although she is my daughter's offspring, she reminds me so much of my son, who was just like that at her age.

Duni said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shower (and car alarm) issues. How annoying.
As for patience...well, as a child I was really impatient, but through my job as tutor I have become more patient over the years.
Anyway, I hope your patience isn't stretched to the limit concering your shower!

also, thank you for your kind comment on my blog

take care


Dori said...

Thanks to all of you ladies for your responses. Great stuff :) It seems that we all have our days when we aren't able to hold it together, but the key is to not let impatience take us over all the time. So I'm glad to hear that I'm pretty average ;-) You all are great!

j said...

Patience ... it depends. I think it helps to have some life experience, so that you see how time passes and eventually things work out (or you no longer care what happens!). But I have to say that the shower and car alarm problems would have tried my patience. And my 3.5 year old does the same thing, though I love him dearly and remind myself that he is learning how to treat other people from me.

So, patience and me? It's a on-again, off-again relationship.