Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Relief and Pancake Day

Yesterday was an eventful day. Brit Boy and I had to go to the hospital early in the day for my appointment. We left home early so that we could get there on time, but of course, we met quite a bit of traffic. It was wild. I didn’t know that many people lived out our way. LOL. Brit Boy thought it was more busy than usual too. Anyway, we took a detour here and a detour there and we finally made it to the hospital with a few minutes to spare.

I had to go back to have a check up again because I’ve been having some problems with a bit of pain in my breast. They wanted to have another look at me since the last time I went.

They checked me out again and the good news is, I’m fine. I don’t have “the disease we all worry about”. I have a bit of lumpiness, which they say happens a lot, so I’ll just have to keep watch over it. And to tell you the truth, I was relieved, but the whole thing hadn’t been taking over all my thoughts. I guess that is where faith comes in…you believe that things are going to be okay and if they’re not, then you rely on faith to get through whatever is ahead. You know, I wish that my mom could hear me say that, she would be amazed. (smile) She used to advise me to not worry so much, but I think that this was something that I’ve had to grow into. But I will say, I’m not some robot who had no thoughts of what could happen. Of course I had that thought, and it scared me for a minute, but then I just said, okay, let’s just see what they say. I don’t mean to come across like I’m oversimplifying it, but I was just simply glad that I’m okay (smile) What a blessing.

To change gears…after we left the hospital, I went along for the ride with Brit Boy while he saw a client. Then we came home and celebrated Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day here. We had pancakes for a sort of early dinner. Hey, we both love pancakes and we don’t have them very often, so they were great. Brit Boy eats them the British way with a bit of lemon juice and sugar, while I eat them with maple syrup. Delicious! (smile) We were happy campers.

In different places around the country, people have pancake races, where they run along with a frying pan which has a pancake in it and they try to run and flip the pancake as they run along. Brit Boy and I didn’t have our own little pancake race, but maybe next year ;-)

Anyway, it was a nice light-hearted way to end the day. Long live Pancake Day!


Anonymous said...

long live to you too...

Anonymous said...

Have A Blessed Day!

Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased to hear you're in good health. It sounds as if you've had good care too.

That pleases this American for all kinds of selfish reasons. Once's nice to have someone navigate the waters ahead of glad all is well.

Courtney said...

I'm glad that you are okay, Dori!

Pancake Day sounds like a lot of fun! I might have to start celebrating that because I do love pancakes!

Barbara said...

Pancakes... Yum! I can relate to your boobie situation, lol. I have been monitoring a small lump for about a year and half now and things seem to be fine since it hasn't changed at all. Doctor thinks its just a blocked duct, but we might polk around and extract some things just to be absolutely sure of what it is. Like you, I had some worry at first, but then just had to think happy thoughts and trust that its not "that disease that we all worry about" because there has been no change. I wish you all the luck with keeping a clean bill of health and happy thoughts.

Thanks so much for visiting me today. I chat about a variety of things, so that portion of my life doesn't dominate my blog, at all, so I hope that you come back... thanks for following =).

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I will have to try pancakes with lemonjuice. Yum!

I had humiliation once when I went to get a lump checked out and it was my rib. Oh.

Anonymous said...

glad you don't have the disease we all worry about.

i would love a stack of pancakes right now. yesterday i believe the pancake house here was giving away a free stack.


I am glad that you are okay!! It can be scary with those checkups!

Lisa @ Serah's said...

I am glad to hear that you're in good health. I missed my free pancakes from IHOP yesterday but I made up for it with pancakes for dinner tonight. Pancakes are great, aren't they?!

Roz said...

Glad to hear that everything was OK - I know how worrying the 'not knowing' can be.

By the way, I love pancakes with lemon and sugar AND with maple syrup too (but perhaps not on the same pancake!)


The Silver Age Sara said...

Oh, Dori, I'm so glad you are okay and I can only imagine how worried you must have been.
I've never heard of eating pancakes with sugar and I would definitely prefer your way. I wish we had pancake day here :)
I'm so glad all is well. Take care.

Jackie said...

Glad you got good news and how interesting about Pancake Day.

I've never heard of this. Over here it's really popular for different organizations, such as, volunteer fire department s to have pancake breakfasts' to raise money.

I like mine with maple syrup too.:-)

Unknown said...

Oh Dori thank God for the good news. I am glad it endded up to be a good day. I have missed you my friend.



Ivanhoe said...

I'm glad you are alright :o) I'm a worrier myself so I would be all freaked out about it.

Anonymous said...

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Beadsme said...

Missing pancake day in Australia.

Sara said...

OMG! The US totally needs a pancake day. I would definitely take off work for that!

Duni said...

I'm glad you are okay! I guess it's human to worry. I also rely on faith to get me through troubling times.

wish you a nice weekend,


Dori said...

Thanks so much :)

You have a blessed day too! :)

Thanks.Yeah, I got a good follow up with my situation. And I'm always here to help you navigate the waters :)

Thanks. Yeah, a day to have pancakes is alright with me ;-)

Ms Bar B,
Thanks for relating your story too and shedding more light on this. I wish you a clean bill of health too. I will definitely be visiting you lots more :)

Yeah, the lemon juice is pretty good, although I'm a maple syrup girl myself. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks. Oh, free pancakes are even better :)

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
Thanks and yeah, checkups always make me really nervous.

Dori said...

Thanks and yeah pancakes are great any time of the day ;-)

Thanks. And yes, I'm glad to know that things are okay.

You are like me about the pancakes, I like them all kinds of ways :)

Mountain Woman,
Thanks for your concern.

I do love pancake day. Any reason to eat them fine with me :)

Thanks for visiting me. Yeah Pancake Day is a day I really like...the more maple syrup the better :-)

Thanks for the support and yes the day did turn out really good. Hugs back to you :)

Thanks. Yeah, I worried a bit, but I tried to keep it off my mind. I'm just glad it turned out okay :)

I will check it out :)

Maybe you can do Pancake Day from there next year. Thanks for stopping by :)

Yeah...maybe it will get started over there soon ;-) Long live the pancake!

Thanks. Yeah worrying comes with the territory sometimes I guess :) And faith helps to hold things together. You have a great weekend too :)

j said...

Catching up here -- glad to find out that you are fine. And feeling better in general!

Dori said...

Thanks friend :-)