Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Looking Ahead to Summer

Yesterday Brit Boy and I did our first yard work/mowing of the year. Our grass had started to grow and green up again. It was getting rather long very quickly. So we hauled out the lawn mower and clippers and got to work. It seemed to go pretty fast which was a change. I clipped the bushes and pulled weeds, while Brit Boy mowed the grass. We bagged up all of the grass and brush so that we could take it to the recycling center, where they make it all into mulch.

So we hopped into the car and drove over there. It’s a nice drive and the weather was nice. We dropped off our clippings and then headed back home.

Later, after we got home and got cleaned up, we heard that familiar little tune of the ice cream man. Brit Boy and I were thrilled….I mean nothing makes me think of summer more than freshly cut grass and the ice cream man (smile). It was a good afternoon.

All of this talk about summer has me thinking of a sunny, summer holiday somewhere. I come from a primarily warm climate back in the States, even though we have a climate of four seasons. When I first arrived here, I had no idea how essential that sunshine was to my well-being. I just knew that I enjoyed it! Well now that I've been here for a while I realize how therapeutic it is to get a chance to hang out in the sunshine, especially when you can't take it for granted. So recently I've been scanning online to find out about different places to plan on visiting in the summer. There are cruises and all kinds of varieties of sunny trips. I've also found some great value holidays to Benidorm. I've never been to Benidorm, but I hear that it's a great place to visit in Spain. Judging from the pictures that I see online, it sounds like just what the doctor ordered...sun, sea, and summer even if it isn't quite summer yet! Here's to sunnier days!


Ivanhoe said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better (btw: are you on facebook?)
I cannot wait for warmer temps. It was snowing here again last two days. I think my daffodils all died :o(
I hope our lawn will need some mowing soon, that would mean that the srping is really here.

tahtimbo said...

Thank you, you just reminded me that I have to start yard work again:(
Have a great day!

Dori said...

Thanks friend. No, I'm not on Facebook yet, but I'm thinking about it. Are you on there? What's it like? Wow, you're still getting snow huh. Sorry about your daffodils, they always make things look so springy. I hope that spring comes to you soon :)

LOL. Yeah, that dreaded yardwork. Have a great weekend! :)

jacqueline said...

Well, you beat me. Time to do the yard work! :-(

Roz said...

Glad that you had a nice day and that you are feeling better. Hurray!

It must be the weekend for yard work - we were also outside tidying up the garden today. I don't particularly enjoy it but at least it's good exercise and you can reward yourself when it's done!

Best wishes,