Monday, July 27, 2009

Purple Deals

I mentioned in my last post that we had a calm Saturday and it was great. Lots of fun television :-) The weekend as a whole was nice and laid back…just like we like it. We did venture out once over the weekend though to the outlet mall in town. I like stopping by there from time to time because you can sometimes find good deals out there.

They have a good food area and lots of seats. I love to get the spinach lasagna out there and the pizza. There’s a trend here…cheese, cheese, and more cheese :-) I try to cut back on cheese, but it is one of my greatest temptations. This time though we didn’t have anything to eat since we ate before we went over…smart move ;-)

So when we got there, we took a walk around the home store and admired the gadgets. I tell you, when we get our house, it will probably be overrun with kitchen gadgets. LOL. Nah, we’ll control ourselves. We do love to cook though, so a few may make it into our home.

We then went into some of the clothes stores. The two main ones that we tend to frequent are the Next outlet store and the Marks & Spencer outlet store. They have marked down merchandise from their regular department stores. Usually one of us or both of us will walk out with a deal. Neither one of us is big on clothes shopping, but we have to clothe ourselves after all ;-) So this time we looked around and I was the one who came out with a bargain.

I got this shirt.

I love the deep purple color and I love the gathering effect that leads to the neckline. And the buttoning effect around the neck is cool I think, but it doesn’t feel constricting at all. When I tried it on I didn’t even feel anything around my neck and I usually hate turtlenecks and things if they are too snug. My favorite bit is that it has this little looped opening in back…sexy huh? ;-) LOL. Yeah right.

Anyway, the best part of this shirt was the price. I paid £3.00(about $4.94 today) for it and it had originally been about £15.00. It’s not a fabulous piece of fashion, but just a little shirt to wear here and there and I like that it's kinda quirky. The price sold me on this shirt though. I love getting a good deal :-)
Happy Monday!


Alison said...

Very pretty, Victorian/Edwardian-esque!

Operaton You said...

Cute shirt, great price and the best color! Purple is my favorite color!

Theresa said...

That top is lovely, great color! I love the M&S outlet shop. There is one near the MIL's house and I stop in there every time we are back visiting. Got a great pair of jeans for about a fiver (GBP).

Lidian said...

Beautiful shirt - that's one of my favorite colors, and a great price too! :)


What an amazing deal! I bet youlook fantastic in it!! I am a cheesaholic too:)

The Silver Age Sara said...

Purple is one of my absolute favorite colors and that shirt is gorgeous. I don't supposed you'd pack it up and send it over :-)

I love cheese too! I don't think I could give it up.

Jennifer C. Valerie said...

That is a wonderful deal! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment.

Dori said...

You know, you're right, it is kinda Victorian :) So glad you like it.

Yeah, I love purples and blues too. I just couldn't pass this shirt up :)

Yeah, isn't the M&S outlet great! They were having a sale on all of their summer blouses and stuff and everything else really :) Wow, I love the £5 jeans!

Yeah, I don't have a lot of purple, so I thought this fit the bill really well :)

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
Isn't it a steal! I couldn't believe it. I'm hoping to show it off soon ;-) And oh, I'm so glad to find out you're a fellow cheesaholic :)

Mountain Woman,
So glad you like my shirt. I've never seen one like it, so I picked it up fast :) I'd love to send you one over ;-) And yes, they will never take my cheese away from me :)

Fruitful Vine2,
I think that's my best find in a long time :) I loved your blog and I'll be stopping by again. Thanks for coming by here to comment too :)

SE'LAH... said...

Hey Dori!

great bargain for that shirt.
spinch lasagna sounds just yummy.

So glad I got a moment to stop by today.

Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

A M & S outlet lucky are you! I do miss bargain shopping. There is nothing like buying a garment for essentially the cost of the thread.

John always calls it Marks and Sparks and he just told me that sadly, (for me) he's not aware of any M & S outlet close to us.

Purple is one of my favorite colors too. I've had several bathrooms painted varying shades of purple and wear it occasionally too.

About about a picture of you wearing it..please. :)

Go Ask Katie said...

I love purple! Nice top, great price too. Sounds like a fun day all around. Hugs from Katherine

Diane said...

Just found your blog. The shirt is simple but really classy. Lovely!

Anne said...

I love bargains! That is such a pretty shirt and you can't beat the price. It will give you double opportunity to feel good about yourself when you wear it. You can think about how good you look and about how frugal you are :).

The Fitness Diva said...

I love getting a good clothing bargain, and anything cool for less than $5 works for me! It's always great when you happen upon one of those little finds!

Oh, and who couldn't use a little more CHEESE!!! ;)

Unknown said...

sounds like you had an excellent day shopping. i enjoy book shopping, can spend hours on end there...


Duni said...

I used to love browsing M&S.
Unfortunately, they closed the one closest to where I live.
The purple shirt looks great! I quite like high necked collars.

Dori said...

Yeah, the lasagna is so good :) Glad you stopped by and thanks for the positive vibes :)

I love the M&S outlet and the Next kinda stores :) Exactly, I told Brit Boy that the price must have been the cost of the buttons :) Sorry there isn't one near you. I don't have much purple in my wardrobe, so I jumped on this when I saw it :)

Katherine aka Katie,
Yeah, I couldn't believe my luck with that one...a good price and a great top:) Hugs back to you!

So glad you found me. I hope you'll come by again. I'm gonna visit you after I write this :) So glad you like my shirt!

Yes!!! A bargain is the best :) I couldn't believe my luck. You are so reading my mind about feeling pretty wearing it and feeling good about the price...just pure enjoyment! :)

Fitness Diva,
Isn't it the best when you get a true bargain like this :) And yes, yes, yes, long live the cheese. LOL.

It was a fun day and I'm with you on the book shopping. That's one of my great loves...searching for a neat book and I love book shopping through old books at markets. You're right, it's easy to lose track of time like that :)

Yeah, this has got me wanting more purple in my wardrobe and I'm really digging the high necks after this :)

Mike Golch said...

Dori,I hope that you and Brit Boy are having a grear weekend.

William Wallace said...

Nowadays I only buy clothes during sales and I get a great feeling from paying less than half price for something....Nice top and a real bargain.....

Dori said...

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

Yes, isn't it great to get a deal. It just makes it more fun for me to wear it when I know I've got it for a lot less. Glad u like my top :)