Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seven Things About Me

I’m trying to finally get caught up on a few awards and memes that I’ve received over the past while. I figure better late than never (smile). Anyway, this meme was passed along to me from Golden Prague – Expat Life. It’s one that asks me to tell seven things that you all may or may not know about me. I tell you, it’s hard to think up a list like this sometimes because you always wonder, ‘am I boring people with this?’… LOL. Here’s my list anyway.

#1 – My favorite color is blue.

#2 – The best steak that I ever had was in Paris, France. It was a bit rare and I usually run the other way from rare meat, but this was WONDERFUL!! It didn’t taste bloody at all. Maybe it was good because Brit Boy and I had just come in from dodging fierce bolts of lightning and I was so grateful. LOL. Nah, it was just delicious!

#3 – When I was about twenty years old, I stood in a boutique window and was a live mannequin for an hour. Hey, it was the late 80s and it was a good job for a student. LOL. I remember having on very bright clothes. My neck still gets stiff thinking about it. (smile)

#4 – I want to learn to play the piano. I figure that I’ve conquered playing the flute years ago and I’m quickly becoming a recorder playing superstar (wink) (laugh), so this is a good addition. Actually, I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano, even before my flute playing days. Brit Boy shares this wish with me…he’d love to play too.

#5 – My toenails are painted red right now. I love summer! (smile)

#6 – I’m currently studying a freelance and feature writing course and it’s going along fine. I’ve always loved writing and I just want to get better.

#7 – I love researching things. The journey to find out about something always just gives me a thrill.

Well, those are my seven things. I hope that I haven’t repeated anything from the past. Please take this meme if you feel like it. I like this exercise because I can share more random things that I wouldn’t necessarily think to blog about. It was a good workout for my brain…I needed that. (smile) Have a great weekend everyone!


Mike Golch said...

Great posting,thanks for sharing them.

Dori said...

I'm glad you liked my list :-) Have a great weekend.

PYNTK said...
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jacquelilne said...

. . .When I was about twenty years old, I stood in a boutique window. . .

Hey Dori!!
Quite interesting. I've always wondered what some of the models are thinking as they're standing there. I would think that's a tough job, maintaining your composure and all. :-)

P.S. Sorry Dori. . . that's me above. I had used the wrong ID. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Operaton You said...

Great list! Love the idea of you being a live mannequin for an hour!!! P.S. I want to learn how to play the piano too...

heidi said...

I bet you were great as a mannequin in the window. I could never do that as when I know I have to sit still I seem to itch everywhere-lol. Loved your list!

Dori said...

Yeah, it was an exercise in self-control because I wanted to scratch my nose the whole time :) I need to practice that stillness these days too :)

The mannequin moment was one of the most surreal moments of my life, but so much fun. I was so young and that time in my life was a fun time for me :) I love that we share our pursuit of piano playing :)

I did love doing the mannequin thing. I was so fresh and young...ah memories...LOL. Yeah, I did have a bit of itchiness on my nose and my leg. LOL. I'm sure you would have made a wonderful mannequin for that window because you are just so lovely :)

SE'LAH... said...

It's great to learn a little bit about you. I love the mannequin bit. ;)

Sherry said...

I take it

Dori said...

Yeah, the mannequin was a surreal moment :)

I'm heading over to your blog right now to check out your list. Thanks for taking the challenge :)