Monday, July 06, 2009


Brit Boy just wrote a final tribute to Michael Jackson on his blog. As MJ is finally laid to rest tomorrow, I am thinking back to my favorite song of his of all time, which was "Rock With You". It takes me back to my girlhood and reminds me totally of a specific place and time in my life. I hold those memories so dear. He was truly talented and I so regret that we won't be going to his show in London now. Still, Brit Boy and I will be playing his music and dancing to it for the rest of our lives...thanks for the music sail onward...and rest in peace.


Scrabbler said...

Yes, it's such a loss. I was expecting new great music from him. I have been watching his music videos, home videos, pics over and over again for these past few days. I hate how Sony takes advantage of him especially after his death.

Thomas said...

Such a tragic loss.

I had tickets for the second night and was very much looking forward to fulfilling a lifelong ambition of seeing him live.

My fave MJ song would have to be Billie Jean but Rock With You and PYT are also right up there.


I grew up with his music and loved it all. He was such a talent!!

Ivanhoe said...

Dori, that's my fave song by MJ! May he rest in peace.

Dori said...

It is indeed a great loss and yes, I was expected lots of new music from him. You are so right about Sony. I have heard about them and how they do him and others...really shady.

King Tom,
Yes, it's so sad. We had tickets for the fifth show and we were so ready for it. It was my lifelong ambition too and I hate that we won't get to see him. I love all the songs you mentioned. He was just so talented. I'm just glad that people seem to be going back to rediscover his music.

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
Yes...he was just amazing. He had a sound to his voice that no one else can do and he danced out of this world. He will be greatly missed.

Wow, you and I always are so similar :-) We've got to meet one day. And absolutely, may he rest in peace.

entrepod - mama asid said...

oh dorrie, it tears my heart in two. Michael was such a phenomenal talent.
he left us a rich legacy of music to enjoy for generations to come.

did you watch the memorial service on tele ? it was grand indeed. his daughter really brought down the house. she will one day be a very powerful voice for his legacy. I can see it now.

a great tribute to a fabulous star my friend.

Dori said...

Entrepod-Mama Asid,
Yes indeed, his musical legacy will go on and that's what I hold onto and celebrate despite all the noise out there :) Me and Brit Boy did watch the memorial and we thought it was a very fitting tribute and for me culturally, it was like being back home. His daughter did bring down the house and just punched through all of the cynicism and you're so right...she will be a powerful voice for his legacy. Thank you so much for stopping by my friend :)

The Fitness Diva said...

I love his energy in this vid. You can see how much he's really feeling the music and this song! Michael is just at his sweetest right here.

Still surreal when the thought of his death hits you again. My mind just refuses to grasp it.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I'm still not ready to write my tribute. Still too raw for me. My fav song of his was "Leave Me Alone"

Dori said...

Fitness Diva,
Absolutely, he was pure energy in this one :) You can see he was really feeling this song. It makes me happy as well as sad when I see this video. It's a great thing to see him so lively and you're right...he was at his sweetest :)

It is surreal to think of him passing. I guess it may never seem totally real to a lot of us.

Jewelry Rockstar,
I can feel what you're saying. It is more painful to take than I ever realized it would be. I think that he is a true part of many of our memories of our lives and it is hard to see a part of that go. I love "Leave Me Alone" too. It is in my top 5 for sure.