Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mini Cam Moments Three - The Museum

This past Wednesday, Brit Boy and I went on a day trip to London. It was great to get a day out. We took the train into Paddington Station and then took the tube/subway to the South Kensington Station and arrived to see long queues to get into the Natural History Museum. We thought for a minute that we should maybe give it a pass and just go somewhere else, but then we decided to try for a minute and see how fast things were moving. In the end, it didn’t take much time at all. We got in the shorter of the two queues so it worked out well :-) The museum itself is beautiful to look at. The architecture is extraordinary inside and outside.

Here’s a quick photo of the outside that I took as we shuffled along to get inside.

Here are a few photos from inside too. This is a photo of one of the numerous display cases inside. The collection was really impressive.

Here’s a photo of one of the dinosaurs on display in the main area. It was massive.

And here’s a view of the beautiful inside architecture of the museum. The many arches reminded me of the inside of a church. It was lovely.

We had a really great time. The last thing I want to share is this little video that Brit Boy and I collaborated on. It was filmed with my trusty little retro mini cam. So this is the third in my Mini Cam Moments Series. It’s just a short video showing the view from the train as it speeds along very fast. The video came out kind of weird and atmospheric, so the sound is strange and the video gets wobbly, but I love that it's strange. (smile) I thought that you’d like to see some of what I see when we take the train. It’s been edited together so some of it’s from heading to London and some of it’s from heading away from London. My retro camera made some of the sections with trees pixilated since we were going so fast, but you get the idea of what it looks like during our countryside journey. (smile) There’s also a bit showing what the inside of the museum looks like. So I hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend! :-)


Duni said...

your museum tour must have been so interesting. I would have loved to see the dinosaur up close!
Your video about the train trip into London looks pretty much the same for us when we travel into the city

earthtoholly said...

Hi Dori and thanks for stopping by my place...

What a cool blog you have! Very interesting with great pics. How exciting for you living in sounds beautiful over there.

Mike Golch said...

great posting,thanks for sharing it.

Mhar's Display said...

I like going to museums. I love reading about the exhibits.
by the way, I was very happy and thankful that my sunglasses were inside the car. I invested an amount on them huh.


The Silver Age Sara said...

I love your avatar of you sitting by the pool.

You are so fortunate to live in a place where you are surrounded by history. I'm totally envious and I really appreciate your sharing your experiences with us.

Your minicam moments are a highlight of my week.

Operaton You said...

Hello you! The photos of the museaum are cool! The building is breath taking! I did also take a look at your video.. All I see is complete peace!! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Beautiful old architecture! Thanks for sharing!

just dropping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the samme.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Great pics! I've been snooping around checking out your old posts and it seems that you are good for those great pics, so these ones should be no surprise.

I'll continue checking things out. I can't wait to see how Georgia Girl & Brit Boy take over England!

Sissym said...

Wow! Wonderful! I love seeing everything you showed on pictures and video!

Unknown said...

it's a beautiful museum!

SE'LAH... said...

you go on the most beautiful outings. thanks for always sharing your great photos with us.

Anne said...

That building is beautiful!

The noise on your video is strange. Is that ambient sound or did you add that? It sounds very surreal. I love the idea of Yellow House Productions.

Theresa said...

Great photos Dori. Have you and Brit Boy ever stopped by the Barbican? They usually have some great exhibitions there.

Dori said...

The museum was really great. There was so much to see. The dinosaur was huge. I'd love to take the train where you are :-)

Earth to Holly,
Love your blog! :) I'm glad you like my place here. Yeah, it's very interesting to be living in a different place even after being here over three years now. I love it when we get to go into the countryside...some places are so beautiful. Thanks for visiting me.

Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Yeah, it's so interesting to read all the info at exhibits. I'm so glad you found your sunglasses honey :) I was relieved for you when I read that at the end.

Mountain Woman,
Glad you like my avatar...yeah, my virtual me is chilling out :) It is great to see different things here and all the historical stuff. And I'm so glad that I can share it with you all :) I'm glad you like my minicam moments.

I’m glad you liked the museum photos. It was very castle-like. The inside looks like it was carved out of chocolate. How cool that the video conveyed peace to you. It is a lovely place and just sends your mind to beautiful places

Eva Gallant,
Yes, it’s so beautiful. I’m glad that I could share it with you all. Thanks for dropping by from SITS and I returned your visit and loved your blog :-)

Thanks :-) I’m so glad that you like my photos. I love photography. I hope you enjoy following me and Brit Boy as we do our England thing :-)

Glad you liked my photos and video. I hope to share more like this in the future. I’m really enjoying making the little videos. Thanks for visiting :-)

Stacie’s Madness,
Yes it is :-)Thanks for visiting me.

I’m so pleased that I can share my outings with everyone. I really enjoy it. Thanks for visiting me again :-)

Yes, the museum is impressive on its own and then the exhibits are great too. I found myself looking at the building more than the exhibits sometimes so we’re gonna have to go back :-)

Our video did sound strange didn’t it. LOL. We figure that it must have been from the chatter of the crowds. It was weird, but it does sound surreal doesn’t it :-) We thought so too. Glad you like our Yellow House Productions name.

Glad you liked the photos. We haven’t been to the Barbican yet, but we’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the info.

Alison said...

I'm surprised you had a wait to get in, was there an exhibition on? I used to pop in now and again when I worked nearby. Do love the entrance hall there.

Mandy said...

I knew I recognised that building! I visited in November 2005 but we weren't there for long and it was very cold. We hope to do it justice in October.

Lovely post and I love your photos!