Friday, October 02, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2009

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I've written before about my dedication to this cause and I wanted to highlight it once again. Together we can all do so much to help each other, every month of the year.

Here are some links if you'd like to know more:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Cancer Research UK

I've also moved my button from right to the top of my page. This button is great because by clicking through to their site, you can find out about all kinds of ways to help and you are helping fund free mammograms for women in need. So please take a minute to click through :-)

Thanks for taking a moment to read this! Have a great weekend everyone!

And hey, my next post will be number 200...Woo Hoo! :-)


jacqueline said...

Hello Dori,
Thanks for your dedication to this much needed cause. Also, congrats on your 200th post that's about to be served up. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed the others. Keep 'em coming. :-)

JudyH329 said...

200th post, that is great! Hope you have a great day!

RE - EntrePOD said...

Dear Sweet Dori, you make my heart smile. thank you for remembering the many we lost to breast cancer. in my family I have lost my wonderful mother in law who was more like a mom than anything. Please stop by my page on sunday for my tribute to those who wear the ribbon for us all.

Hugs sweets !

Diane said...

Great cause. Thanks for your support. My mom died of breast cancer last year.

constant gina said...

This month always brings a tear to my eye...

Deana Wilmink-Martina said...

Hi Dori,

Good of you to mention this. I wasn't aware of November being the month for breast cancer awareness. I know that now. Thank you.

I hope you've received my email I wrote you about my suggestion what you can do to leverage your 200 posts.

We will connect about it more.

Pls give my regards to Brit Boy too.

Bye for now.

Davina Richards said...

Breast Cancer Awareness is such a worthwhile cause, and it's great that so many companies are pledging their support financially - hopefully together we can make a big impact!

If any ladies are looking to update their hallway or back doorstep with a shiny new doormat, now's the time to buy as I've found that will be donating £1 per sale this month for Breast Cancer Awareness - which is rather nice!

If more suppliers started committing to raise funds we could raise so much money without actively trying to do so.

Hope the heads up helps! Do you know of any other companies doing this too?

Agnes said...

Thank you for this. I too lost my mom to cancer and my husband is going through cancer treatment as we speak... cancer sucks.

Dori said...

Yes, this cause is so important and after the loss of my former colleague and friend Kim, it really hit home to me.

Thanks for your continued support my friend :)

I can't believe I've made it this far :) You have a great day too!

You're sweet :) I'm so glad that you're also highlighting this very important cause. Hugs back to you my dear.

I'm so glad that I could highlight this cause. So sorry to hear of your loss. Hugs to you.

Constant Gina,
Yes, it does resonate doesn't it. Thanks so much for commenting.

So glad that you stopped by and I look forward to more of our talks :)

Thanks SO MUCH for this great information about the doormats :) You are so right...if more companies did this it would truly make a world of difference. I'm going to search for more companies like this too. I love this exchange of info.

You are in my prayers my dear. Thank you for stopping by even during this very tough time in your life. Hugs to you.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hello Dori
Your site is really nice I enjoy reading it when I can. Thanks for your support with breast cancer. I am a lucky survivor. Can you tell me where I can get the button to click for breast cancer that you have on your site.