Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fountain Friends

I’ve written before about my love of pens and fountain pens in particular. Well, I’ve been using my Parker pen exclusively for a while now, since I love how it feels in my hand. However, the other day I was cleaning around the Yellow House and came upon my other favorite fountain pen, my Levenger. I haven’t been using it for a long while. The Levenger is at the top of the photo and the Parker is the one below.

Here’s the story of my reunion with an old friend. When I put my Levenger aside a good while back, it needed cleaning, therefore it got put aside for what I thought would be a day. Well, life intervened and that day got lost in the shuffle as I prepared to change gears and countries at that point. My Levenger got packed away in its case…got carried across the Atlantic Ocean with me…and it’s been living in its case since I moved here to England over three and a half years ago :-) It’s had a long nap. It got lost in the shuffle with my transatlantic move. It’s a strange life sometimes…I feel like I’m still unpacking sometimes :-)

So I let out a squeal when I laid my eyes upon its simple little case. I know this may sound corny, but it was like seeing an old friend after this long time. It’s funny how the little things from home can just make your day when you live a life like mine :-) I love the adventure of living here, but as I’m only human, I get homesick sometimes too. Finding my pen was like a tiny snapshot of who I was before I came here. I’m still me…the same sense of humor, etc., and that'll never change, but a lot has happened to me since I closed that pen case those years ago. And like any other person, my experiences have shaped me and it's revealing to take stock sometimes. So it was cool to have a think backwards. It’s intriguing how certain objects or certain songs can take you back so much. Life's an interesting trip :-)

I had to do a thorough cleaning on my Levenger, and now it’s back in action. Long live both of my fountain pens! Now I’ve got to go and see what else I can find! :-)


JudyH329 said...

It is fun finding old friends! I found a favorite pair of earrings that I had hidden away and forgotten. Good post!

Mike Golch said...

Finding stashed stuff is a joy.I had stashed a copy of my Corrections officer bage and just found it reciently.I would wear one on my uniform and the other would stay on my wallet that has a place to put my badge in as well.

A Valdese Blogger said...

I applaud your ability to keep up with pens - I've never been able to. In the 1980's I was in London and I bought a British flag as a souvenir - the Union Jack - and a nice one too, good material & large enough to fly on a flag pole somewhere. Somewhere along the way I lost track of it, but I found it neatly folded in a box almost 2 decades & several moves later. That felt so good.

jacqueline said...

Hello Dori,
That's a beautiful pen. I can understand why you'd be so excited about finding it. I also understand the sentiment regarding being in a much different place and still being the same person. The experiences you're having now will give you much to write about for years to come. Enjoy. :-)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Nice article and so glad you found your pen. As always I enjoy my visits here.

Krystal Grant said...

Congratulations on finding your pens. I love when I find things that I forgot I had. You've inspired me to clean out my closets.

RachelD said...

What a lovely reunion!! I happened upon my childhood Blue Willow teaset in my parents' closet whilst searching out a tie for Daddy to wear to Mother's funeral. They'd said they hadn't seen it in years, so I thought it forever lost.

I sat right down in the floor, amongst the coat-tails and the lingering scent of Estee Lauder, and took every piece from the tissue, as I shed a few tears at the happy find.

Two of the cups still had a little trace of doll-tea in the bottom, and I've never washed them til yet.

I'm also a "fountain pen" person, and love the way the letters form as my hand moves along, the neat trail of black or blue shining a moment, then drying into the paper.

There's an import to the writing which doesn't flow from a ballpoint.

Ivanhoe said...

Awwwww... I like finding "lost" items as well. My fave is discovering Czech food in European-style stores around here. I grew up on it and I miss it. I think I may bake Czech cookies for the holidays this year. I too am just a human and get homesick :o)
Hugs from Ohio,

Sugar Daddy Dating said...

I'm happy that you found your pen. I can really feel how valuable this pen is. It's incredible that this small thing can remind you a lot of things in your life.

Se'lah said...

Isn't it wonderful to find things that bring us joy? I love fountain pens...which reminds me, I should go practise my cursive.


The Silver Age Sara said...

Hi Dori,
I'm dropping by to see what you're doing before we leave. I LOVE fountain pens and remember mine fondly. You are so lucky to have found an old friend.

Dori said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and I see that I am amongst other fountain pen lovers too :-) This was truly a wonderful find and it made my day just like your comments!